Saturday, April 10, 2010

Starting a new curriculum this fall

I am SO excited to be starting a new curriculum this fall called 'My Father's World'. Until last fall, I thought this curriculum was only for K, 1st and 2nd grade so I never really gave it another thought. But at our local homeschool conference last fall, I got to talkin to a wonderful gal (who I now consider to be a great friend!) who also uses My Father's World and told me that it goes up through highschool. STILL I didnt really give it too much thought.
About 2 months ago. I started to think about it more seriously. I really wanted a curriculum that felt more tied together and had a strong biblical worldview. I wanted something that could be done on more than one level. AND I wanted something that wouldnt cause me to have to serve pb and j's for a year to afford it.
I kept coming back to My Father's World and started to research it more in depth. I went to someones home to look over it and get a feel for how it is laid out and I was THRILLED.
My Father's World is written by a homeschooling mom (and dad!) who are busy schooling their own large family. I say they wrote it exactly me in mind =)
EVERYTHING is so laid out for you.
We will be starting the level called 'Exploring Countries and Cultures' this coming fall. This curriculum includes science, history, bible, art, music, reading and geography. Savannah-age 9, Ariel-age 8, and Skylar-age 6 will all be doing this level, while seperating to do their own level of Language Arts and Math. Jaidyn will be able to participate in activites and read alouds where appropriate.
I am so excited to start this this fall. Plus, I got a KILLER deal on the deluxe set. Who doesnt love a good deal? =)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Sorry for the prolonged absence. A little thing called life (and homeschooling, and housework, and mothering and and and) sort of got in the way of my bloggerhood.
Isn't this a wonderful time of year?! I think Spring might be my favorite season of the year. Such a sense of anticipation and newness to it. I think the kids feel it too. They have LOVED going outside more and seeing the trees bud and the grass start to turn green. Well, at least in other peoples yards. Our zoysia is still hibernating.
We took a mini Spring Break last week and the girls got to enjoy some quality playtime with 2 other homeschool families. They love making new friends and becoming pen pals with the kids. And forming clubs. And making secret handshakes....=)
It is quite enjoyable to look at childhood from this side of the fence. Life is so carefree and fun for them.
Mothers are so blessed!