Thursday, July 31, 2014

Where have I been?!

Wow, I cant believe I've not posted since Christmas!! We've been quite busy these last *counting on fingers* 7/8 months...
this is our BIGGEST news!!

Yep. We're expecting a new little bambino. Due date is beginning of October, but we're HOPING she'll be here in September (another girl!!)

We've not decided on a name yet, but after Destroy Boy saw her on the ultrasound video and said 'She looks kind of like a squirrel' (with all the affection he could muster), we've taken to calling her Squirrel =)  But that shall NOT be her given birth name, so no worries there =)

This is how we announced our pregnancy on Facebook =)

>Roughly 15 weeks along. Photographer girl took this<

A few highlights (a VERY few. I could probably post 100 pictures here!)

Zoo trip

Skirt Party to benefit the MamasenCatacamas. (We love these skirts!!)

Homeschool co-op activity to a horse ranch

Feeding some gulls at a local pond (gulls in Nebraska! Who knew?!)

Visiting a local nature reserve

Enjoying some AWESOME weather (we've had a pretty mild summer which is unusual for Nebraska, and we're loving it!!)

Photographer Girl took this picture of some Mammatus Clouds (had to look that one up!) back in April before one of our big storms (we are BIG storm fans here. As in fans of BIG storms =) Photographer Girl would like to be a storm chaser when she grows up!)

Participated in a walk to benefit one of our sweet homeschool friends who has Cystic Fibrosis

This girl saved up her money to get a fishing pole and got to go fishing with her Daddy! She's a natural and she loves it so much!

That's all for  now, but HOPEFULLY (though its doubtful), I'll be better at keeping things updated here!