Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter 2013 in picture

*they had heard a knock at the door.  Grandma!!*

*Grandma joins in the egg dying fun

*Getting ready to hunt for eggs!

*Horse-girl had asked for Daddy to be the one to hide all her eggs. This was one of the spots he chose.*  ;)

*Pretty happy with their haul!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful day for a walk! and a hair cut =)

March in Nebraska is anything but predictable. I could say the same for April, too. Not many places can you have a tornado warning, a blizzard and 70* days all in one week!  Sheesh!
Anyway, we had an unseasonably warm day in March and decided to take advantage of it by taking a walk to a duck pond that is close to us (about a mile away DOWNHILL. Yep. The walk coming back with these young'uns is, uh, 'interesting'.... =)  Here are some pictures of that adventure...

*this picture makes me laugh. What is it with boys and big trucks?  :)

*something about this picture is terribly funny to me as well

They were thoroughly pooped after all that excitement but super glad to have spent sometime outdoors =)

I also took 2 of my homegirls for a hair cut in March.

*I love how you can see Bug-Girl's reflection in the mirror in this one.    She wasn't getting a hair cut this day but wanted to come along for the ride.

After that I needed to get a few things at the store.  The younger 2 found a few things that caught their eye...

Baby-Girl loved these stuffed animals...

*Bug girl found a kalanchoe and a stuffed animal (she LOVES plants. She's got a few African Violets right now and Grandma is bringing her up a kalanchoe next time she comes up. Incase you were wondering, kalanchoe is pronounced 'call-en-COE-ee'  Who knew?

*She planned it out for Photographer-Girl to take a picture of the things she liked next to the price sign so she would remember how much the items cost.

Hair-Cut day was also, momma-just-ran-19-miles-and-can't-put-2-brain-cells-together day.  You can read more about that HERE on my other blog.  Case in point? 

Yep. Wore slippers to the salon.  Sassy and Classy, that's me!

And random picture of the day:

Sibling sandwich, anyone?  Triple decker!

Friday, April 12, 2013


First review from Horse-Girl

Trouble in a Fur Coat by Jeanette Oke
This book is about two bear cubs. Their names are Natook, the male cub, and Kimwa, female cub. This book is told from Natook's point of view.
In the first part of the book, the cubs come out of the den and explore the world.  They are mischievous cubs and their mother has a hard time teaching them to fish.  It is also hard for the two cubs to keep out of trouble.
Then, the den gets flooded. On their way to a new den, Natook loses his mother and sister and slides down a mountain and a rock pins him down.
I really like this book, and I think anyone who likes bears will like it.

Second review from Photographer-Girl

Good Girls Book and Lift a Little
*This book was 2 books in one so she did a review on both....

Lift a Little by Thomas Parley
This is a book with ten chapters, each about a different girl.  Each girl has good, or bad, personalities, habits, or characteristics.  The first chapter is about a good natured girl whose name is Ellen.  Next is Fanny, a thoughtless girl; Sophia, a vain girl; then Mary, a slovenly girl.  The other chapters are about girls who are orderly, snappish, persevering, forward, modest, and awkward. 
Each chapter has a verse dealing with that chapter.
I like this book, just because it is a good book!  I don't like it because it's a little old-fashioned.

Good Girls Book by Mrs. J.P. Ballard
This is a book about a mother and her three children. Their mother, when she was young, formed a club with her friends. They called it Burden-Bearers and their motto was 'Lift a Little'.  Their goal was to , every week, try to help somebody and lighten their burdens. They would gather every Saturday after noon and report on what they did.  The childrens mother had a quilt made out of the members of the clubs' dresses.  The mother would tell the name of the wearer of the dress and tell what that girl did.  In the end, the three children formed a 'Burden bearers' club of their own.
I liked this book because it was interesting to see what burdens the girls helped lift.  I did not like it because it seemed old-fashioned.

Third review is from Bug-Girl

The Little Go Exploring by John Peterson

This book is called: The Littles Go Exploring.
It is about the Littles how are tiny people with tails.  The people in the Little family are: Tom, Lucy, Mr. Little, Mrs. Little, Baby Betsy, Granny, Uncle Pete and Uncle Nick.  Tom and Lucy found a secret room. They found papers in that room that belonged to Grandpa Little.
One of the papers said : Plan for submarine raft to make the exploring trip.  So the Littles decided to go and try to find out what happened to Grandpa Little on a boat.  They packed sleeping bags, clothing and food.  They followed the path they think Grandpa Little went on.
I think The Littles Go Exploring is a good book.

Fourth review is from Baby-Girl

Little Polar Bear and the Reindeer by Hans de Beer

This book has a polar bear, an oxen and a reindeer. Their names are Lars the polar bear, Oliver the reindeer and Otto the oxen.
Oliver was supposed to go with his herd but he got lost looking for his mother.  Lars helps Oliver to find his mother. But before that happens, they meet some oxen. The oxen also help Lars and Oliver to find  Oliver's mother.
Finally they found her but they couldn't go south because a fence was blocking them.
Lars had an idea. Pipes were blocking the way so Lars asked the oxen to help pull the pipes out with a cable.
The pipes crashed down so all the reindeer could go through.
Lars and Oliver said good-by and the oxen and Lars went home. But before they went home, Lars watched all the reindeer go south.
I think this would be a good book for kids who are really into animals.

'Til next time!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


You can not say or write the word 'Skatedaze' in this house without following it up with lots of squeals, or exclamation points. It's a big deal here, yo.

Photographer-Girl has been wanting to go to Skatedaze for a coon's age (well, since her birthday in February) and we FINALLY got to go today.

This momma wised up and got them all matching bright, yellow shirts. SO much easier to spot and count them on the rink!

SO excited to be on our way!!

Photographer-Girl PRETENDING to be mad that she couldn't be in the 'girls-in-the-backseat' picture.

Gettin' our skates on! Photographer-Girl actually needed a size FOUR this time, a full size bigger than her big sis!

I wore a neon orange shirt so they could spot me as easily as I could spot them!

Girls in line for the LIMBO! Yes, that little boy behind them is on a scooter. Amazingly, they allow that at this skating rink. And strollers.

Ok, its blurry, I apologize for that, but I had to include it. See Photographer-Girl on the left with her arms up? Yep. Celebrating the fact that she just...WON THE LIMBO!!

Her glow-stick prize for winning

They were all in this funny jail type building and I was getting ready to take a picture of them, when over the P.A. we hear 'It's time for the Dice Game!'. They were out of there in freaky fast fashion.

Again, blurry, but that's Savannah there giving me the thumbs up. Yep, another win for us. She won the dice game!!!

Ok ok. I might, MIGHT have been just as excited as my kiddos to go to Skatedaze. I was quite the rink rat in my day and had at least 3 or 4 birthday parties there as an elementary aged kiddo and spent most of the weekends there as a middle school-aged kiddo (Friday night, Saturday afternoon/night and/or Sunday afternoon) and at least one session there a week during most of high school! I LOVED roller skating and it looks like my kiddos have caught that bug (much to my delight)  =)

Baby-Girl and I are so excited were positively GLOWING!

My dad taking a picture (I had about 4 like this-all with my head chopped off!)

Ahhhh, THAT'S more like it  =)