Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beautiful day for a walk! and a hair cut =)

March in Nebraska is anything but predictable. I could say the same for April, too. Not many places can you have a tornado warning, a blizzard and 70* days all in one week!  Sheesh!
Anyway, we had an unseasonably warm day in March and decided to take advantage of it by taking a walk to a duck pond that is close to us (about a mile away DOWNHILL. Yep. The walk coming back with these young'uns is, uh, 'interesting'.... =)  Here are some pictures of that adventure...

*this picture makes me laugh. What is it with boys and big trucks?  :)

*something about this picture is terribly funny to me as well

They were thoroughly pooped after all that excitement but super glad to have spent sometime outdoors =)

I also took 2 of my homegirls for a hair cut in March.

*I love how you can see Bug-Girl's reflection in the mirror in this one.    She wasn't getting a hair cut this day but wanted to come along for the ride.

After that I needed to get a few things at the store.  The younger 2 found a few things that caught their eye...

Baby-Girl loved these stuffed animals...

*Bug girl found a kalanchoe and a stuffed animal (she LOVES plants. She's got a few African Violets right now and Grandma is bringing her up a kalanchoe next time she comes up. Incase you were wondering, kalanchoe is pronounced 'call-en-COE-ee'  Who knew?

*She planned it out for Photographer-Girl to take a picture of the things she liked next to the price sign so she would remember how much the items cost.

Hair-Cut day was also, momma-just-ran-19-miles-and-can't-put-2-brain-cells-together day.  You can read more about that HERE on my other blog.  Case in point? 

Yep. Wore slippers to the salon.  Sassy and Classy, that's me!

And random picture of the day:

Sibling sandwich, anyone?  Triple decker!

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  1. Love the sibling sandwich! Looks like a fun walk, and the haircuts look great.