Friday, April 5, 2013


Book Review Friday brings us FOUR new books! (That's right, Photographer-Girl and Bug-Girl joined in on the action this time!)

Here is Horse-Girls Review:

SwordBird by Nancy Yi Fan

This book is about two tribes of birds, the Bluejays and the Cardinals.  The Cardinals and the Blue jays are at war with each other.
As the two tribes battle, an evil hawk is planning to capture some of the birds as slaves.  He wants to take over the bird world.
But a Blue jay learns of this plan and gets the two tribes to cooperate so that the hawk can't take them over.
Soon the birds see they can't win, and decide to call Swordbird.  The only way to call Swordbird is through a special jewel, and the birds must find it before its too late.
.......I like this book because it is a fantasy book. I also like it because the birds talk, and I like books where animals talk.  I didn't like it because it was a bit slow and boring in parts.
I think its cool that the author was only 12 years old.  I think that anyone who likes birds and fantasy will like this book.

Here is Photographer-Girls review:

The Double Dabble Surprise from the Cul-de-Sad kids series, by Beverly Lewis

This book is about two sisters, named Abby and Carly Hunter. Their family was going to the airport to adopt two Korean girls. Instead, they found two brothers named Sung Jin and Choon Koo with Miss Lin, the escort who brought them from Korea.
There was a mistake and the boys will stay for three days until Mrs. Roop, the caseworker, clears up the mistake.  Abby is upset about this, but soon enough, she starts to  feel sorry for the boys and she helps the boys get to know the kids around the neighborhood.
Choon Koo decides he wants his name to be Jimmy. Mrs. Roop decides that the Hunters need to keep Sung Jin and Jimmy for another week.  Abby still wants her sisters, but she sees how much fun the boys are having, and she tells her dad she wants to adopt them.
.....I like this book because the main characters are girls and they live in a Christian family. I cant think of a reason why I don't like this book.

Bug-Girls review

An Owners Guide to a Happy and Healthy Pet: THE BEARDED DRAGON
by Steve Grenard

This book is about Bearded Dragons.  There are 12 chapters in this book. They are about: Choosing a Pet Bearded Dragon, Housing Bearded Dragons, Feeding Bearded Dragons, Health Care for Bearded Dragons, Breeding Bearded Dragons and five more.
The Chapters are in different parts.
There are four parts: Part one is called Welcome to the Wonderful Lizard of Oz, Part two is called Your Pet Bearded Dragon, Part three is called Caring for your Bearded Dragon, and Part four is called Beyond the Basics.
At the back of the book it lists different dragon breeders.
....It's a really good book.

Here is Baby-Girls review

Cork and Fuzz THE BABYSITTERS  by Dori Chaconas

This book is about 3 animals, a possum, a muskrat and a porcupine.  Cork, the muskrat, was helpful and Fuzz, the possum was not.
Cork brought a baby porcupine to where Fuzz was working. Cork wanted Fuzz to help him watch the baby porcupine but Fuzz said he was too busy building a bear trap.
The baby porcupine kept eating stuff he wasn't supposed to so Cork kept having to take it out of his mouth.
The baby was crying because he ate a bitter berry and Fuzz tried to help by making the baby laugh but he wouldn't stop crying.  Then Fuzz got caught in his bear trap and then the baby stopped crying and climbed up the tree to help Fuzz. He chewed and chewed on the trap until Fuzz fell down.
Then they sang a song and held the baby porcupine's hands and took him home.

'Til next time!


  1. I enjoyed the reviews. And it is really cool that your daughter read a book written by a 12yo. One of our favorite books is Who Owns the Sun. We read it as part of our FIAR studies, and it was written by a young girl as well.

  2. How cool! We'll have to check that book out!