Friday, March 29, 2013


Time for Book Review Friday!
Again, its just Horse-Girl and Baby-Girl who participated this week. Oh, and The Boy =)

Here is Horse-Girl's review:


Firestar, the leader of a clan of warrior cats has been having visions. He sees another cat who tells him about another clan of cats that was scattered.  Firestar learns he must bring the scattered clan of cats back together.  The scattered clan is called Skyclan.  Firestar takes his mate, Sandstorm, to look for the cats of Skyclan.  Soon, they have found enough cats to start a clan.  But a band of rats, bigger than any the cats have seen, are coming to attack them.
Firestar finds out that this was how Skyclan got scattered last time.  He and Sandstorm must train all the cats to be Warriors, before the rats come.  But the leader of the rats can speak in the cat tongue.  He tells the cats they will attack in three days.  The Skyclan must be ready, or all they have done will be lost.

Here is Baby-Girl's review:

'Mia & the Tiny Toe Shoes' by Robin Farley
This book is about a cat named Mia and she goes to dancing school.
The little dancers and her turn the hardest moves into the best moves they've ever done.
Then they turn these moves into a little show for their teacher.
The teacher liked it and gave them a big hug.
I liked this book because it has lots of animals and they go to dancing school.
I didn't like it, because it was too short.

Here is The Boy's review

'Gordon's New View'
Gordon likes his view. Gordon was big. Gordon was fearless. And he loves his new view from the yard.
I liked this book because it had a big train in it.

Til next time!

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  1. Great reviews. I love it that Baby-Girl want a longer book!