Monday, March 18, 2013

More media-free fun!

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These two have definitely figured out how to make their own fun on Media-Free day.  Pipe cleaner dolls! They also made 'pets' for them as well as beds/homes. 

So creative.

Photographer-Girl also set up a 'Bible and Beauty' Club based on a book she recently checked out from the library. I think it was called 'Beauty: Inside and Out'. Ok, she just told me that yes, that is what it is called =)  Here they are copying scripture from the book....

We also had an ABUNDANCE of foil drums 'round these parts. Which I dont mind-gentle on mama's ears!

We also took advantage of a nicer 'ish' day and went for a walk.  Bug-Girl there in blue was in a tshirt and shorts and I kid you not, I had on TWO pairs of pants, 2 shirts, and a coat and I was STILL cold!
Sometimes I wonder if The Boy is CAPABLE of posing normal for a picture...

At least he's consistent....

Photographer-Girl got another fun bird feeder picture. House finch and chickadee.

What are some things YOU do around the house for fun that don't involve media of some sort?

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  1. fun pics! - I love that your boy is so silly in them!!