Friday, March 1, 2013

It was SNOW much fun!

FEBRUARY 24, 2013
Snow fun for little ones (and the not so little ones)  =)

We've had a pretty good fall the week prior and the kidlets were DYING to get out and play in it. Thankfully, the temps on this day were warm enough that I was confident they could go out and play and come in with nose, ears and digits still attached.

*2 'snow lumps' in preparation for a snow man*

   Snowman didnt even reach 'head' status when the girls decided it would make a fun chair.

The girls called this long blob of snow their 'snow couch'....

Funny boy

Getting ready to go outside!

Always a helper...

Most awesome kiddos EVER.

Sledding in the front yard ROCKS. Close access to food, drink, and bathrooms =)

He grows up way too fast...

Good-by for  now!

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