Tuesday, February 26, 2013


February was a fun month! The beginning of the month, I celebrated my birthday! 29 and holding strong... =)
This sweet girl also had a birthday!

11 years old. I cant believe it. As you can see, big sister is ALL about eating the cake... =)

Ariel had fun frosting and decorating her cake as well

They also had a random, child-led craft time of making bows and arrows. The world is about 200 popsicle sticks poorer now...

The younger 3 called themselves 'Spider Hunters' and got all decked out to unleash some fury on our fine 8 legged friends (or foes, whatever)

Then joy of joys,  my wonderful friend, Staci came for a short visit from KS with her crew and she brought with her BOXES of clothes for my little guy! Love this gal

Her crew and mine always have a blast together...

All the kiddos together...

Hard to believe that this was them almost 5 years ago (picture below)

Gorgeous sunset, courtesy of Ariel's awesome camera...

Jumping on the couch is FUN!

My little sweeties. Good golly I love those cheerful smiles

Found this little gem hiding on the computer! The 'Sickness' hit our house around Christmas so we didnt get to do these until the 2nd week of January so I had forgotten about these pictures.
Doesn't need to be Christmas to enjoy some Gingerbread house fun!




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