Friday, February 22, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

I dont have many pictures of Thanksgiving as I was busy cooking for almost 6 hours!!! Crazy day! but super fun...
Made banana cream pie (picture set up courtesy of my 10yr old budding photographer)

The cranberries BEFORE they met their demise in a lovely, sweet cranberry sauce (it turned out sooo good!)

My twinners and me

The Boy reciting the books of the bible for Grandma and Grandpa

One of the reasons I love holidays...I LOVE a houseful of people. The crazier and noiser-the better!


Part of the table enjoying the bounty. It was all so good this year!

The girls got to play w/ their Uncle's camcorder...

My kidlets and my brother's little girl

Was so glad to have part of my family here for Thanksgiving but we sure missed those who couldnt be with us!

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