Friday, February 22, 2013

Christmas 2012 COOKIE TRAYS!

This was the 7th year in a row that the girls and I have made treat trays for our neighbors. I got wise this year and broke it up into 2 days instead of trying to cram it all into one...
We tried a new recipe this year: 'Cool Whip' cookies. We did 2 versions. One with strawberry cake mix and one with lemon. They were both AMAZINGLY good.


*Ariel was taking pics of our cookie-making and got this one of me sticking the cookies in the oven with my typical 'The oven is so hot! I cant BREATHE!' face...she looked at her picture and said 'mom, can you make a more normal face?'

 Here's what she got. I don't do normal.

The finished product (strawberry)

The finished product (lemon)

We made chocolate chips cookies which are my FAVORITE cookie....

And oreo bon bons

Ritz Rolo sandwiches...

...we dipped ours in chocolate which made them SO much better

The snickerdoodles were EXTRA EXTRA good this year. I dont know what I did different but when I figure it out, these may be a monthly goodie and not just for Christmas!

CHRISTMAS CRUNCH:  this was another new one this year. Got the recipe off of Pinterest. I think its called 'Christmas Crack' on there. I LOOOOOVED it. I did one batch with peanuts and one without (for my nut allergy kiddo)


Prepping the 'trays'....

Getting ready to hand them out!

We came back as sloppy wet slushy snow-y stuff started to fall

So I completed the giving of the trays myself
*delivering a tray to my friend who lives behind us...if you look close you can see I stomped a happy face in the snow. 

When I came back, Old Man Winter had covered up my happy face so I let him know that I have a heart full of forgiveness for him ....  :)  Snow cant get THIS girl down!  (Unless I have a long run planned, then its a different story).....   =)

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