Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last 2 months in pictures

I am warning you, this post is PIC HEAVY, but here is a little glimse at the last 2 months for us...

*click on any pictures to enlarge*
Here are the chicklets checking out the fireworks we bought....
Josh was very unsure about the whole thing (and after the first ka-boom, high tailed it for the front door)

The girls had fun lighting some fireworks this year

But still spent a lot of time like this...

We suprised them by taking them to a 4th of July parade this day (their first parade ever)...

They were amazed at the crowds

I felt so bad for these 'seasoned' gentleman. It was slightly less hot than the surface of the sun and they had to walk the .7 mile parade route wearing 10 pounds of clothes!

They also decided to shoot their rifles off right in front of us. I think I lost 50% of my hearing that day, what with that and the fire trucks and amulances deciding that our little piece of real estate was the PERFECT place to let loose with their sirens. Lovely. I dont think Destroy Boy will EVER want to go to a parade again, he was slightly fascinated and majorly tramatized by the whole thing.

The girls LOVED these. They saw them and quickly dubbed the drivers 'Mario and Luigi'
These were also a big hit

I also learned this day that our city has roller derby league. Interesting.
And if you want to advertise effectively for your gym. Have a spinning class take place. On a float.

The girls could NOT believe all the candy that was thrown to them. I had to go thru it and try to find the 'yucky' ones as it was quite apparent that some of it was left over from last Halloween. Classy.

We have been going to the library quite often on friday afternoons

See that red thing on the wall? Yeah. We almost had an incident involving THAT, and that little boy in the blue.

We found about 10 of these guys in our garden last month and brought them, and a boat load of dill inside. After we were inundated with sniffly noses and itchy eyes, the 'pillars and thier abundance of dill went back out to the garden. I dont know where they scootched to as we didnt see even one coccoon!

Random playdoh creation by daughter #3.

Random playdoh creation by daugther #2 (this is suppose to be Susan from Chronicles of Narnia whic has been a bit of an obsession here lately)

They went to their first carnival this past month too. I have not been to a carnival in a sweet forever and my jaw hit the floor when I saw the prices. THREE dollars to ride the ferris wheel?? And i think I may have vicariously smoked a pack of cigarettes while there. Bleh.

I told you the whole 4th of July thing traumatized this boy. This is how he spent a lot of time at the carnival

He gave his hands a rest though to ride on this little kiddie train. He was in HEAVEN.

I also ran another race on Aug 27, you can read about it more HERE on my fitness blog

What's that?? Could it BE??

Yep. I won an age group award!! Must not have been many 30-34 year olds out there that day....
I pulled out the stamping supplies a few weeks ago and let the girls go to town. They LOVE doing this. The anti-messy part of me cringes everytime.

This is my posse measuring Noah's ark on our street for school. You can see big sis there (in the helmet) wearing my Garmin for measuring purposes. It's multi-talented, that watch!

We like to throw a little school in every now and then for good measure =)

My oldest had 'Narnia schoool' one day and she printed out a Narnia coloring page and read a Narnia book to them. I think she may have had a worksheet or something for them to do too. Too funny.And THIS is how I have discovered I can cut my onions up without crying. Dont be hatin'. Not everyone can rock Ariel the Mermaid goggles QUITE like an Asian.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Has it been a while or WHAT??
I am still alive and kickin' and doing quite well actually! This blog has just been neglected and for that I am sorry, I will try to do better!
We finished up ECC in, oh, I think it was March? We took a semi-break for awhile, still doing the basics here and there for a few months and have recently started CTG. We are loving it so far!
Here are some pictures from the past few months *click on any to enlarge*

Dying Easter eggs: this was Josh's first time to do this. WAY messy.

I also let Josh paint for the first time EVER, this Spring. See above comment.

It was SO nice to go on walks this Spring on our trail system and see all the gorgeous flowering bushes!

Momma ran some races this Spring too (to read >alot< more about them, go to my fitness blog HERE )

LifeGate 5K Run/Walk, April 30th

Papillion 1/2 Marathon, May15

Siena/Francis House 10K/5K RunWalk June 26 (I ran the 10K and PLACED in my age group!)

Imitating mommy

Uncle James likes to come and beat up on my children every once in a while

....or maybe its the other way around?

How cute is this new purse?? Saw one just like it that a lady was carrying around Target a few months ago and could NOT quit thinking about. Then finally found it at a local mall last month-and on sale!!

Pluggin' away at school.....

Here is our timeline for school which we will be using for the next 4 years
Our scripture memory verse for the week along w/ our Greek root word for the week (the kids are have a surprising amount of fun learning Greek roots!)

I'll try not to be such a stranger anymore!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The past week...

So I dont know if I mentioned it in my last post, but we really got dumped on last weekend.
This is hubby shoveling a path to the shed in our backyard. Look how deep it is!
*click on any picture to enlarge*

We are due to get more fluff this week too. *sigh* Normally I LOVE snow and 'inclement' weather, I really do. But this whole running thing has put me in a whole new frame of mind. Snow is now my enemy. Or tempermental friend, at best.
Random picture:
A 'classy vase' (read:toilet paper roll) of origami flowers the girls made for their papa.

The girls wanted to do our read aloud school set up like this and me sitting in front of them.
Thankfully I dont get stage fright. At least not in this audience. =)
Japanese flag worksheet

Working on origami with Daddy.
When it comes to origami, I am SO not your gal. You need some one to eat your surplus chocolate chip cookies? You can count on me, but origami 'how to' books read Greek to me. Of course, once I see someone do it, it all becomes clear. They are working on a frog here....
After they figured it out, they were all over. Like rabbits.

Now we have origami flowers, vases, foxes, houses, etc. ALL on their own. So proud.
Japan was a fun 2 weeks. The girls were amazed that so many people live in Japan and that the islands are so mountainous and that there are SO many 'little' islands that comprise this continent. We read lots of neat books about Japan as well. We will miss it!
But move onward, we must! Excited to venture into Russia!
All this travel has me thinking...if you could visit ANY place in the world, where would you go?
Also, what is your favorite 'ethnic' cuisine?
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