Saturday, July 2, 2011


Has it been a while or WHAT??
I am still alive and kickin' and doing quite well actually! This blog has just been neglected and for that I am sorry, I will try to do better!
We finished up ECC in, oh, I think it was March? We took a semi-break for awhile, still doing the basics here and there for a few months and have recently started CTG. We are loving it so far!
Here are some pictures from the past few months *click on any to enlarge*

Dying Easter eggs: this was Josh's first time to do this. WAY messy.

I also let Josh paint for the first time EVER, this Spring. See above comment.

It was SO nice to go on walks this Spring on our trail system and see all the gorgeous flowering bushes!

Momma ran some races this Spring too (to read >alot< more about them, go to my fitness blog HERE )

LifeGate 5K Run/Walk, April 30th

Papillion 1/2 Marathon, May15

Siena/Francis House 10K/5K RunWalk June 26 (I ran the 10K and PLACED in my age group!)

Imitating mommy

Uncle James likes to come and beat up on my children every once in a while

....or maybe its the other way around?

How cute is this new purse?? Saw one just like it that a lady was carrying around Target a few months ago and could NOT quit thinking about. Then finally found it at a local mall last month-and on sale!!

Pluggin' away at school.....

Here is our timeline for school which we will be using for the next 4 years
Our scripture memory verse for the week along w/ our Greek root word for the week (the kids are have a surprising amount of fun learning Greek roots!)

I'll try not to be such a stranger anymore!!

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