Sunday, April 7, 2013


You can not say or write the word 'Skatedaze' in this house without following it up with lots of squeals, or exclamation points. It's a big deal here, yo.

Photographer-Girl has been wanting to go to Skatedaze for a coon's age (well, since her birthday in February) and we FINALLY got to go today.

This momma wised up and got them all matching bright, yellow shirts. SO much easier to spot and count them on the rink!

SO excited to be on our way!!

Photographer-Girl PRETENDING to be mad that she couldn't be in the 'girls-in-the-backseat' picture.

Gettin' our skates on! Photographer-Girl actually needed a size FOUR this time, a full size bigger than her big sis!

I wore a neon orange shirt so they could spot me as easily as I could spot them!

Girls in line for the LIMBO! Yes, that little boy behind them is on a scooter. Amazingly, they allow that at this skating rink. And strollers.

Ok, its blurry, I apologize for that, but I had to include it. See Photographer-Girl on the left with her arms up? Yep. Celebrating the fact that she just...WON THE LIMBO!!

Her glow-stick prize for winning

They were all in this funny jail type building and I was getting ready to take a picture of them, when over the P.A. we hear 'It's time for the Dice Game!'. They were out of there in freaky fast fashion.

Again, blurry, but that's Savannah there giving me the thumbs up. Yep, another win for us. She won the dice game!!!

Ok ok. I might, MIGHT have been just as excited as my kiddos to go to Skatedaze. I was quite the rink rat in my day and had at least 3 or 4 birthday parties there as an elementary aged kiddo and spent most of the weekends there as a middle school-aged kiddo (Friday night, Saturday afternoon/night and/or Sunday afternoon) and at least one session there a week during most of high school! I LOVED roller skating and it looks like my kiddos have caught that bug (much to my delight)  =)

Baby-Girl and I are so excited were positively GLOWING!

My dad taking a picture (I had about 4 like this-all with my head chopped off!)

Ahhhh, THAT'S more like it  =)

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