Sunday, January 23, 2011

ECC week 26 and 27 China, and other stuff

Still here! I have been updating my other blogs a little more frequently, so if you want to check them out (and become a follower, PLEASE!), feel free. (I have been slacking this last month on the running, please be kind) (I have been getting some GOOD grocery deals, go check it out!)

Life has been good this month. The budgeting has been working and I am very pleased. I wanted to average around $200 a week and when my first week this month ended at $247 I was a little *gasp!* but as the month continued on, things started to average out and it looks like I will ended the month a little under $800 so I am pleased =)

I started watching a baby part time at the beginning of the month and the girls just adore her. She has been a very welcome addition to our household.

It has been snowing chinchillas and aardvarks here lately (cuz 'cats and dogs' is SO overused, dont you agree?)!
Just last night we got dumped on to the tune of about 6-8 inches. I dont mind though, cuz believe it or not, I actually LOVE to shovel. Rake, too. I think there is a satisfation in doing a job and not having it immediately undone. =) The snow being as thick as it is, and us having LOVELY 3' high retaining walls on both sides of our driveway make it a bit of a challenge to get that snow off the driveway and up into the yard. Plus it was -1 with a windchill of -11. Cold.
But again, I still LOVED it =) Had to get out there at 7am to start. I have AWESOME neighbors on both sides who wonderful snow blowers, so if I dont get out there early and get my shoveling 'fix' it will all be done for me. I was nice though and left the right side of my driveway for them to do (just the left side took me an HOUR!)

*Random shot #1, one of the joys of having children with their own camera. So many things I get to see when I am uploading pics for them that I had no clue even occured.

Example #2. This was in their room one night before bed time. They had made up a 'rock band' and wanted to dress the part. Apparently, rock band members wear Buffs on their heads and have messy hair. They're not far off!

Evidence, piece #3. Teaching lil' sis to do headstands.
Not quite.

The proof is in the pudding! Or snow, in this case.

ECC Week 26 and 27 China

I am doing SO poorly with pictures. I'll get better!
Here is our book basket for week 1 in China. We really enjoyed reading about China and Gladys Alward. It's hard to believe all these missionaries have gone thru!

Coloring an ocean worksheet for China...

Lil' Sis coloring her Flag picture....

Still no art or craft projects. We are getting the schooling done, but my focus has been elsewhere the last month, plus. I have been deal seeking, budget making and decluttering-minded. But I know I will shift back to more school focused. I seem to go in waves with these things.
I'm a bit of a fad girl you might say =)
Do you get bitten by the 'must declutter and organize' bug after the holidays?

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