Monday, June 21, 2010

Future chefs!

Last month my girls REALLY got into the 'Taste of Home' and 'Quick cooking' magazines that I had picked up for free at various yard sales. They were busy clipping and cutting, cutting and clipping, ooooing and ahhhing, hemming and hawing and trying to find tastier recipes than their sister.
They each now have a stack of recipes that look good to them and I told them that once a week, each girl and myself will go thru her stack and she can pick out a recipe for us to try as a family. Savannah is on deck first and has chosen a banana muffin recipe w/ chunks of chocolate pressed in the top. We plan to make them tomorrow or Wednesday . They look tasty AND I can make them dairy free so Jaidyn can eat them.
If they turn out nice, I'll post a picture. If not, then you'll just have to imagine how awful they looked =)

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