Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sept 2012

 September in PICTURES!

Ran this AWESOME race for the first time in September.  The Peak to Peak 10 mile race which runs from near the Bellevue Peak Performance up the Keystone Trail and finishes near the Omaha Peak Performance store. Two of my favorite running sidekicks did this with me. That power house next to me in yellow is Megan and super sweet Jen is behind me in black. Love those gals.

*At the finish with Megs and Jens and the ever so fashionable Rachel-she's one of my running buds, too.

^My oldest also turned 12 in September. 12!! Here she is helping to make a cake with Skylar.

^Licking the bowl!

^She choose to have a banana split for her birthday instead of cake-my kinda gal =)

^One of the things Savavnnah wanted to do for her birthday was go to Mahoney State Park and go on a horse back ride with her Daddy....upon arriving, The Boy checks the map to make sure we're going the right way. Only 4 and he already knows that Mommys is directionally challenged

^ We walked up a TAAAALLLL observation tower to survey the land. Well, SOME people walked to the top, SOME people stayed near the bottom because.... well, just because....=)

^Here it is from the ground....(!!!!!)

^View from 1/2 way up the tower. I dont think my camera would have functioned at the outrageous altitude at the TOP of the tower so for it's sake, I stopped mid-way. I'm so nice.

^While Savannah and Daddy went on their horse ride, I took the rest of my clan and we went exploring...

...and met some kiddos who had some other-worldly ability to catch these microscopic frogs. They were professionals, people.  Clearly been doing this a long time.

We were slightly low on pictures for this month as I dont think I uploaded all of Ariel's pictures onto my computer (she, as I've said before, is our family photographer so she's the one capturing the reality of our life-I'm responsible for the big moments. We're a good team)  =)

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