Friday, January 15, 2010

Ok other homeschool moms, what are you doing for Science and History? We are doing Story of the World (just started this past semester) and are enjoying it, but we arent liking the Science (A Beka 3rd grade for both my older girls). I think I have Apologia downstairs that I bought last year but havent start (Flying Creatures of the 5th day maybe?). It would be AWESOME if I could in some way find a curriculum that does Science AND History together and that is biblically that possible? You can email me any suggestions if you like.
Blessings to your family!


  1. Hi, Anna! We have used SOTW and like it, but I found that I wanted something that incorporated more Christian history as well because I'm not well-versed on how traditional world history relates to the Bible. I purchased Mystery of History, which I like, but which is still on the shelf until we get to the resurrection, which is where MOH 2 picks up the story. I anticipate we will still use SOTW as a resource.

    We do the Jeannie Fulbright as a read aloud. We started Flying Creatures last year. Everyone I know who uses it loves it. I have one child who does, and one who doesn't. We're on the second book this year (Swimming Creatures), which they both like more than last year's book. I would still do it in the order I did, but I have come to the conclusion that the one who didn't like it last year just isn't into experiments. They all love the read aloud part - it's fun to sit and read it together while they color or draw.

    See you Tuesday night?!

  2. I wasnt able to make it to the last meeting. VERY bummed, but hope to make it to the next one! I have Flying Creatures on the shelf, so we plan to use that for next year. I have heard that MOH is WONDERFUL but more for the older set so I am going to look into it more in depth next you think you could maybe bring it to next months meeting??


  3. Missed you at the last meeting. I'll try to remember to bring it next week. It seems pretty adaptable, and we'll be using it with a 4th and 1st grader in the near future, so I'll know more pretty soon :-)