Thursday, February 18, 2010

Works for me!

(The picture above is explained below)
(Picture above is explained in the post below, I'm new to this bloggy picture thing so bare with me) =)

School has been going quite well these last 2 months due to a new system that has seemed to work for us! I am currently schooling my 9.5yr old, my just turned 8 yr old and my 6yr old. My 4 yr old also joins us in our reading and I am teaching her to read as well thru 'Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons'. I have been scheduling our school the Tuesday before. So this past Tuesday, I worked on our school schedule for next week. We have a few set things we do every day and everything else is from 2-4 days a week. Wednesdays are 'Worksheet Wednesdays'. I print out fun learning worksheets online thru Enchanted and thats their Wednesday school (except they still do Math U See). (This is the day I am most busy with cleaning/chores so it works for us).
On Wednesday I go to our local library website and request books that I will need for the following weeks school and they are usually ready for pick up by Saturday or Sunday.

Then on Friday, I fill up my daily worksheet folder. I have an expandable file folder that has sections and I have labeled each section for a day of the week. On Friday of the week before, I go thru and fill each day w/ the worksheets or papers we will need for that day by looking at the school schedule that I made the previous Tuesday. (this file folder is pictured above).

I also have a 3 ring binder in which I keep a LOT of worksheets, which is also pictured above. I pull from this binder to fill the expandable file folder.....

Also what has seemed to work well for me is getting school ready and laid out the night before. So on Sunday night, I get everything out of the Monday section of the file folder and put them at the girls' spots at the school table along w/ the their School box (upright magazine holder that I use to store their books/papers/worksheets for that day) and then I put the things at my spot that I will need to use (read alouds, our bible and bible devotional books, teachers manuals etc), then school is all ready the next morning.

I also try to have the girls help each other when they are able. In the picture is my 6yr old Skylar, 'teaching' 4yr old Jaidyn w/ the little Brain Quest flip charts. These 2 are the best of buddies and Skylar really enjoys helping her.

Schooling 4 now and having a VERY active little boy has made me realize how much I need to organize and streamline how we do school. I will post pictures of my school room (aka diningroom) next. I love to look at other peoples school rooms, so link to yours if you have pictures!

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