Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'The Mother' works!

After reading so many of the benefits of taking Apple Cidar Vinegar orally, I decided to give it a go! Now, I am WEIRD in the fact that I really don't mind the taste of ACV (that is only one of the 142 things that make me weird), but if you aren't used to it, it may be wise to take it while hanging out by the kitchen sink. Or the toilet.
I started taking it last night. I took a few tsps after my dinner last night and then read later that evening that its best taken BEFORE a meal, and not to take it straight, apparently the acidity in it is bad for your teeth. Oops.
So today I have taken about a tbsp mixed in a few ounces of water before every meal. It gives me a slight tummy ache for about 10 min but it goes away and I have found myself not quite so hungry, as in I didnt eat so much at a meal.
Apparently, you can lose weight by taking ACV before every meal, even if you don't exercise!
You do, however, need to take the GOOD apple cidar vinegar. We buy Bragg's brand as its raw and organic and has 'The Mother' which is a whole mish mash of goodness and amazement.
It has many other health benefits too.
So I thought I would try it and see what happens.
Hopefully I dont end up smelling like a well tossed salad!

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