Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food Addiction

I don't know about the rest of you internets, but I, for one, am a serious foodie. Not in the fact that I am snobby and only eat 'froo-froo' kinds of foods, but in the fact that I Love. My. Food.
Jesus, Help me.
My hubby knows that the way to make me grin from ear to ear is to bring home some Chili's take-out. Or a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
Or both.
And the problem with me is that I don't stop when I am full, I love the taste so much that I eat and eat and eat. And then I eat when I am bored. And when I'm happy. And when I'm sad (which thankfully isn't very often). Or on a sunny day, or a cloudy one for that matter.
SO, all this eatin' and snackin' and gorgin' has made quite the impact. I'm not so much concerned with my weight, but when I think muffin top, I like to think of something tasty coming out of the oven and not something spilling over the top of my jeans! I'm just sayin'!
So, I decided to put myself back on the diet I was on while I was nursing my 4th baby who had a lot of food allergies. I went from 120 to 95lbs on this diet in a matter of a few months and felt great the whole time (physically at least, mentally, I thought the world was ending without my pizza and chocolate shakes).
PLUS, a great side effect was that my stomach shrank. A lot. As in I could wear a size 0 shrank!! Needless to say I was thrilled. But when I was done nursing I went right back to my old ways with so much as a second thought. And of course, the weight came on again, QUICK.
I think too that I find too much joy in my food, not that it is my idol, but I think its close to toeing the line and that is something I definitely want to change.

So I decided last Thursday to go back on the diet again and already I am noticing a difference in my tummy! Not quite so poochy and squishy. By seeing a change this quick, however slight, has motivated me to continue. I can not TELL you how hard it is to prepare pizza and cheesy chips and casseroles for my family knowing all the while that I will NOT be eating any of it *sad*
So hopefully in a few weeks I will notice a marked difference and I can post some before and during pictures of this process!


  1. You are teeny, tiny and adorable!! I was certain it was b/c you never ate!! What is it then, the greatest metabolism EVER?? I am the same way, LOVE my food! I am trying really hard to get off all my baby weight too. I used to have amazing metabolism but then I had kids and it died. completely! Argh!

  2. Oh aren't you sweet! I'm not tiny by any means! I was wearing a 3/4 last summer, but I think nursing was helping me burn off calories. I am a sz 7 now, which isn't big, but for me, it is. I am only 5'2 and small boned and while at 111 lbs, I know I am not over weight, I have way too much squish in the tummy area. And my thighs could use a little help too =) I had AWESOME metabolism in highschool! I could eat WHATEVER I wanted, never exercised and still managed to be a size 1/2 or 3/4. *sigh* I miss those days =) I hear ya, unless I am exercising consistently, my metabolism is in a deep sleep.