Thursday, February 25, 2010

Slow and Steady wins the Race!

Well, I started my 'new way of eating' (because who wants to say *diet*? Bleh) a week ago today and I must say I am so pleased so far! I have really noticed a difference in my tummy. Its much more slim and less 'poochy' in the morning.
It is still a struggle to make and feed my children and hubby all of MY favorite foods but seeing results so quickly has been a big motivator. I plan to start adding cardio and weights in this next week. I can't WAIT to see the results! My girls actually love to exercise w/ me when I do my exercise videos (we have 'The Firm' and LOVE it) so they can do it with me, or when I do the elliptical downstairs they come with and we watch the Duggars together (they are BIG fans).
I love the fact that food is not my main joy in the day anymore and not constantly on my mind, and I love that my jeans are fitting better!
HOWEVER my girls scout cookies are being delivered tomorrow, so.....I'm praying hard tonight for will power!! =)

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