Monday, November 8, 2010

ECC Week 17 week 2 GERMANY (Europe

I still cant believe how wonderful My Father's World is. We have loved it every step of the way so far. I cant believe that my older 3 girls have memorized most all the countries of North America, South America, and Europe. Ok, ok, *I* have memorized them too. =)
Here was our book basket books for week 2 in Germany. We really enjoyed reading the top book 'A Family from Germany'
For science, we learned alot about rivers and lakes. And in the Living World Encyclopedia, we learned about Pond Skaters and how they are so light, they can walk on top of the water without sinking. We illustrated this w/ a paper clip and water. I cant explain why it worked, but it was pretty cool.
We tried to do what the teacher's manual asked us to-partly open a paper clip into an 'L' shape and use that to place a 2nd paper clip in the water and the 2nd paper clip should float.
Didn't work.
So I went to the trusty My Father's World forums and found another method.
We cut a small square of toilet paper-twice as long and wide as the paper clip. We placed the paper clip in the center of the square and carefully laid it in our bowl of water. Slowly, the toilet paper sank to the bottom but the paper clip stayed on top of the water. The girls thought it was super cool.

We learned a little about castles this week and watched a few YouTube videos showcasing some TRULY gorgeous castles in Germany. Then we got to draw some...

It was a sad time when we said goodbye to George Muller this week. What a testimony that man leaves behind. It is amazing to think about how many lives he has touched and how many lives that God has allowed to be spared thru the work of this faithful, generous man.
We have decided to skip the vocabulary cards as my girls DREADED doing them. Now we just flip thru the book, I cover the definition and tell them the name and show them the picture-then they have to tell me the definition. Has been working well. We also use Fridays to go thru our memory verses.
The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL these past few weeks. Hard to believe late fall in Nebraska can be this nice! I am hoping it sticks around for awhile. I dont know how I will fare trying to run in the snow!
Maybe its time to look into snowshoes....

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  1. I know what you mean about George Muller, we are enjoying reading about his life. We just read about the Yanomamo Tribe in Window on the World- Ugh! I have been sad all day reading about that poor 4 yr old girl in that story. Just heartbreaking all the evil in the world.