Saturday, November 13, 2010

ECC Week 18 Kenya (Africa)

We have just completed our first week in Africa (Kenya) which means we have also completed the first HALF of ECC! We have reached the pinnacle and now we are cruising down the other side of the mountain to the finish. And loving every minute!

Here are some pictures from our first week. I apologize that I didnt take any book basket pictures. We had a lot of good ones this week!

John 3:16 page...
Labeling different countries in Africa...

Color labeling different grassland areas around the world (I didnt know different grasslands were called different things depending on where in the world they are found!)

Grasslands worksheet...

We have used this book for some read aloud time-very informative!

We have LOVED reading David Livingstone, and as with George Muller, we are already a few chapters ahead. I see my library has more books from the 'Christian Heroes: Then and Now' series so we may be checking more of them out in the future!

Here is a cute picture Ariel took. Savannah was having 'school' one night this past week and would write something on the white board for the 5 and 7yr olds to copy (this was the 5yr olds picture) and then they had to illustrate it. Too cute.

Had to share this one too. My 7yr old who is just about the smiling-est, skippy-est, most jolly-est child you will probably ever meet is in LOVE with her stuffed animals. Many times a day she'll go skipping down the hallway and we hear 'I'm going to take care of my stuffed animals now, they need me!' and she will proceed to arrange them on her bed, or 'groom' them, or talk to and hug them. She is such a sweetie. The girls have their own camera that they share and she took this and about 48 other pictures of her 'stuffies' (and thats probably NOT an exaggeration)
(and yes that bottom right animal is a Gizmo from the movie Gremlins and NO my children have not watched the movie. She saw it at Toys R Us one time and INSTANTLY fell in love. So she got it for her birthday in October and she carries it E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.)

And a non-school note, we got our first snow of the season last night here in Husker country. Normally I LOVE stormy, snowy, inclement weather, the more inclement, the better. But now that I am a runner (don't laugh), I LOATHE hearing there will be snow on the ground. I had to skip my long run today due to the snow. I PROBABLY could have done it, but I got a really junky night sleep last night (up from midnight to 5 a.m.!!) so I think that was the Lord's way of telling me that I wasn't suppose to run today. I am hoping that it will be fine tomorrow as most of the sidewalks have melted today.
Its suppose to be really cold overnight, so I am hoping that the sidewalks wont be solid sheets of ice tomorrow. I'm not equipped with the oh-so-cool YakTraks or screws shoes with which to tackle such an environment.
I GUESS I could pick up ice skating and call it a day...


  1. I love what you are doing with homeschool! Is this geography curriculum or all subjects? What ages are your kids who are doing it?
    Also, not sure if you have heard of yak-tracks or the screw in cleats for running shoes. ? If I lived in your region, I would buy them. I bet you have some beautiful days with snow for running! I love to run in snow, but the roads are not well maintained when we get our 1-3 inches 2 times in the winter.
    I am OK with chilly mist- not driving rain! :D But usually even driving rain stops within 10 minutes of when I start any run.

  2. I am now a follower of this site too. I love what you are doing homeschooling. My kids go to public school but more and more we keep talking about it. Again thanks for finding my site.

  3. That's so cute about the stuffed animals ;P My 2 love their stuffed animals too and own about a million of them! Loved looking at your week in Kenya!

  4. ERG-go here
    Click on 'products' then '2-8 grade'then select 5 yr cycle.
    We are doing the 'Exploring Countries and Cultures' year right now. It is the first year of the '5yr history cycle' is heavily based on Geography. This is our first year using anything from 'My FAther's World' and I can NOT say enough good things about it. It basically has all your 'subjects' you just add in math, language arts, and if you choose-a foreign language.
    It is 'unit study' so to speak so many ages can do the same 'lesson' together. My girls that are doing it are 10, 8, 7 and 5. The older 3 are 'actively' in the program but the 5 yr old sits w/ us for a lot of it. When she turns 7, she will jump into the cycle on year 3 with was kind of confusing when I started so if you want me to explain it better to you just email me.
    But go scoodle around the website a bit and pop into the message boards-those sweet ladies helped me a LOT when I was first getting started.
    This curriculum is super super easy to implement and there is no guess work involved. I have been PRAYING for this type of curriculum for a long time so I am SO thankful I found it!! Let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Thanks Miranda! This is probably only 1/2 of her entourage =)