Monday, November 22, 2010

ECC week 19 Kenya (Africa)

First off, here's a picture of our first snow of the season. This was Friday night, Nov 12. Started around 7pm and snowed off and on thru the night. Melted all the next day though and we havent had any of the white stuff since! I am hoping for a mild winter (as far as the snow is concerned) so that I can still get my outdoor running in!
Here are our book basket books for week 19....

Playing mancala w/ my 5yr old. She was the only one that just about beat me!

Some map work....

Grassland mural...

Impromtu Grasslands book that my 10yr old made. There were about 6 pages, each w/ a different animals/nature picture and a fact about it.

Non school related, but this little cutie got a hair cut courtesy of daddy this weekend....



  1. awwww!!! Your baby is such a handsome little man with his haircut :D Daddy did a great job!

    Well, you have got me missing MFW already! I am really looking forward to studying Kenya after the holidays. The grassland mural looks like alot of fun!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :D