Friday, November 8, 2013

Recap of the last 6 months!

WOW!  Its been a full summer and I've not blogged about one lick of it! My apologies!
This post is going to be VERY heavy in the picture department with very little 'talking'.  These are only a FRACTION of the pictures we've taken =)

Ran my first marathon in May with my hubs and our good friends, Josh and Staci were there as well running the 1/2 marathon!

The field was CRAZY! It took us 45 minutes just to cross the start line!
Went for a walk around Lake Z...

Saw these little beauties!

Got to meet the wonderful people at Victory Riding Academy with some of our friends

Tried on some CRAZY expensive cowgirl and cowboy hats

Went to a lot of Summer Reading Program activities...

Neighbor across the street had an 'active' nest with babies that were learning to fly. My girls were positively captivated...

Went for an early morning bike ride, stopped for a few things at the grocery store on my way home and some how a few extra things ended up in my backpack...*shrug*

Fun park

HOW did my child get this old...

The awesome kids I got to spend most of my summer around. Love my neighborhood.

Planting their own little flower gardens in the backyard with grandma...

Trip to the Bellevue Berry Patch for strawberries!

Saw this amazing fellow at our drive thru Safari Park

Mini photo sesh in May to surprise Daddy

This little cutie pa tootie turned 8!
 And got to go to Build a Bear for the first time!

Participated in a 'Pinterest' event at our local HyVee grocery store...

Feed the ducks at the duck pond...

And went to the zoo

Enjoyed a visit from the lovely Nelson family
 and from my spunky niece, Annelise =)

And did some crafts at the Lakeshore Learning Center

Fourth of July parade with neighbors

Picnic with our Bright Lights families
 and learned how to play Bocce Ball that same day! Hooked!
 S'mores picnic with our homeschool group
Met some sweet puppies
 homemade slime, courtesy of our awesome neighbor and friend, Tina
 Flew kites with Grandma Randy and Grandma Kelly
 Started back to school with FIVE students for the 2013/2014 school year!
 This sweetheart went to her first orthodontist appt. (about which she was SUPER excited)
Our AMAZING Bright Lights group (I SERIOUSLY could not have hand picked a more amazing group of gals, or group leader)

Night time glow stick walk
 Super fun trip to the pumpkin patch with our co-op group!

First time going to a play!

Horse-Girl turned 13.  THIRTEEN!!!!!!
 Bug girl is now double digits!!

The rest of these pictures are all random shots!

Building a 'fort-ish' type thing a ma bobber...

Newly organized school caddy!
 Sitting out in the yard, on a quilt, making loom bracelets

Crafty little diddy put together by Photographer girl
 'Josh the surgeon'
 Helping momma make chicken nuggets for lunch (he couldn't help me until he found his red apron though)
 Oldest and youngest.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our summer!
We have just stared week 1 of My Father's World '1850 to Modern Time' curriculum so I am hoping to do updates with how that is going as well.

I hope everyone is having a good start to their school year!

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