Saturday, November 30, 2013

Scrappy Skirt Party to benefit 'Mamas en Catacamas' November 22, 2013

For a long time I've wanted to go on an out-of-country mission trip. But due to the season of life I'm in, I just don't think NOW is the time for me to venture out =)  So for now, I live vicariously thru my sweet friend, Lisa, who goes down to the Catacamas in Honduras and works with impoverished mamas. She teaches them skill sets such as sewing and baking.  Thru the gift of sewing, they've learned to make skirts (among other things) and Lisa brings them back to the states and sells them, and then pours that money back into the mamas. (website: to learn more about her work down there)
She happened to be in my neck of the woods on the 22nd, so I hosted a 'Skirt Party' at my church. Lots of wonderful people showed up and the party was a RAGING success...

We were sad to see Lisa and her wonderful daughter, Hope, leave, but we are SUPER excited that Lisa said she's coming back in the Spring!  We hope she brings back a LOT more skirts as we pretty much cleaned her out on this trip! =)

Of course my little chickies had to wear their skirts to church the following Sunday =)

We love you, sweet Lisa, and will continue to pray God's blessings down upon your amazing work in Honduras!

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