Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ECC Week 13 Days 1-2 Norway + other stuff

Hello folks! I am still in bit of shock that we are in OCTOBER!! Where did the summer go? In our area, our first snow fall last year was on the 10th of October, only 5 days from now! I am hoping it holds off for at least another 2 or 12 weeks =)

Ok, non-school stuff first...my race on Sunday was AWESOME!!!! I have started an exercise journal on wordpress, so that's where I will be posting my workouts from now on, so you can check out that full race report there... FITGIRLWANNABE scroll down to the bottom for my race report.
In short, I OBLITERATED my previous 5K personal best, which was 32:19 (well, race personal best) from my race on August 28th. I was hoping to beat it by at least 30 seconds which would have been a really good improvement over 5-6 weeks, but I ran it in 29:00!!!!! I sprinted hard the last 50 yards and thought I was going to puke at the end, which apparently is how you are suppose to feel if you give it your all, so I guess I did my part. =)

I went biking yesterday morning and this morning at Lake Z close to my house. Yesterday I saw 6 deer, a couple huge flocks of geese and a few cranes. This morning, I saw 4 deer, more flocks of geese, some cranes and about 6 turkey!
The highlight yesterday was that one of the 6 deer I saw was SO close off the side of the trail that I could have reached out and touched him. Literally, he was 2 feet off my right side. How cool is that. I dont know WHERE his mind was, or if I all of a sudden tapped into my inner super power and became invisible but he acted like I wasnt even there, that I wasnt just whipping by him at 10 miles an hour, quite weird. OR maybe he thought HE had tapped into his inner invisi-deer and I couldn't see HIM...who knows....?
Todays highlight...as I was huffing and puffing around the west side of the lake (always the hardest for me) I heard something rustle off to my left so I stopped and 6 huge turkey (ok, maybe more, didnt count them) crossed the trail, about 10 feet behind my bike!
And a bit of weirdness, there were a LOT of dead mice on the trail...is the cold getting to them? Are they starving? Am I scaring them to death with my super speed? Don't know. All I know is its like playing Mario Kart and trying to avoid the bananas....yuck.


ECC Week 13 Days 1-2 Norway

Not too many pictures for the past few days...
Here is one of the coloring pictures the girls did while I do our read alouds...
World Geography pages that Savannah and Ariel did (quite challenging for them actually)

Living World Encyclopedia illustration
We STILL havent finished our rosemaling boxes, hopefully we will do that at SOME point this week. I am kind of slacking the art department, its just not my 'gift' or 'forte' if you will. If you want to see a really awesome My Father's World blog, check out Miranda at a moment in My Father's World
Yeah. She's all kinds of awesome.

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  1. Thank you soooo much, Anna! But seriously --you're the one who's all kinds of awesome and an ABSOLUTE blessing :D