Saturday, October 16, 2010

ECC Week 14 France (Europe) and the zoo!

We just finished our first week in France. Here are our the contents of our book basket for this week. I pre-read them all. Great books!
The girls put their France flag sticker in their passports. WITH a snack of pretzels on the side, of course. We seem to be incapable of doing any 'together' school without a snack.

Our France coloring page....

Geography game. We only have 3 more countries on here to learn! I may add more of the ones that My Father's World didnt include (Denmark, Netherlands, Belguim etc...)

Vocab cards for the week....
We have enjoyed reading more of Kingdom Tales this week and cant WAIT to get to the 'Tales of Restoration' part of it. We are also really liking George Muller and reading about Menno Simons in Hero Tales. What courage!
The girls were a little grossed out to learn that one of the main sources of nutrients in a cave for the animals that reside there is bat guano! YUCK!
We also really liked listening to the Irish and Scottish music on our 'Wee Sing' CD so I may try to find some more of the same online later this upcoming week.

My parents called me Monday morning OUT OF THE BLUE and said 'Hey, you guys wanna go to the zoo?' !!!!
I knew they had planned on going this week sometime, but I expected a least a 24 hour notice. We didn't plan on going AND I had school all laid out for the day, but I figured, this is one of the beauties of homeschooling-doing fun stuff on a whim!
So the school stuff got pushed aside for the day (we did end up making it up, as we squished Thursdays work in with Fridays).

The weather was PERFECT on this day, NO wind, a little cloud cover. Probably around 70. Prefection.

The girls, myself and my parents on what I like to call the 'photo op lions', at the front of the zoo.

The aquarium. I think the girls could spend an entire day in here. We never get tired of it.
Running has been going really well. You can check out my fitness blog to read more about my journey to fit!! FITGIRLWANNABE


  1. LOL! So funny about your kiddos being grossed out about the bat guano --verrrry nutritious! ick!! Mine felt the same way ;-P

    You guys are so blessed to have a zoo nearby. And it looks like an awesome one at that!

  2. They ARE girls so it probably doesn't take too much to gross them out =)
    We *HEART* our zoo =)