Saturday, October 2, 2010

ECC Week 12 Days 3-5 Norway, and other stuff =)

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We went to the zoo on Thursday. We figured we better enjoy it as much as we can before the cold weather really hits!

This gorilla was HILARIOUS! His expressions were so funny. He liked to making 'hooting' noises at people who came to his window, then when they left, he would look down the hall to see who was coming next. I caught this picture a millisecond too late, right before this is TRULY looked like he was grinning!

This gorilla kept giving everyone the evil eye. Recession is getting EVERYONE down apparently =)

Yesterday I went to pick up my race packet for my race on Sunday, here it all is! I am SO excited.
ECC Week 12 Day 3-5 NORWAY
Vocab cards for this week....

Memory verse for this week....

Coloring page....

These are the countries that we have worked with this week on our Europe map. We have 8 more to learn this upcoming week and then I hope to add in a few that MFW didnt include....

Savannah doing her World Geography page...
Non-school stuff:
Went biking this morning for the first time in a few weeks. It was so great to get back in the saddle! However, I was unprepared for the temp (low 40s) and I think I lost one of my ears. BRRR. Lesson learned: next time, bring ear muffs!
I am excited and nervous for my race tomorrow. The temp is suppose to be 41 at start time. The coldest I have run in is 49 and I wore a long sleeve shirt with a tank top underneath and shorts, 5 minutes into that run, I ended up having to take the LS shirt off...SO I was going to wear that same set up tomorrow when I was checking the temps earlier this week (when it was saying race morning would be between 46-49) but it keeps getting lower and lower, and NOW its saying we have a frost advisory tonight! Yikes! So I am thinking I may have to bust out the running tights tomorrow even though I havent worn them yet to run in-I'm a bit nervous about that.
I just don't want to be too warm because I know I will warm up quite a bit once I get going...
Apparently what some people do is wear 'throw away clothes' over their race clothes at the beginning of the race and they strip them at the start or right after the start when they warm up. And then they throw them on the side of the road!
Apparently, the race 'people' pick these up after the race and donate them to charity-so that's an option....I'll just have to see what it feels like tomorrow. The last thing I want to do is overdress.
Wish me luck! I'll give you a full report Monday or Tuesday!

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