Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend and ECC Week 12 Day 1-2 Norway (Europe)

--Book basket books for Week 12-13 NORWAY

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The weather was fabulous! Saturday night after dinner, we took the girls over to Lake Z by our house for a nice evening walk. And then on Sunday we went downtown to walk across the Bob Kerry bridge which connects Nebraska to Iowa. We have never been there before and the girls thought it was so neat. AND we were lucky enough to have the Ferry go under the bridge while we were on it!

The girls wanted me to get a picture of them with the ferry in the background. If you turn around 3 times, squint and tilt your head to the right you can probably JUST see in there in the background. Oh well, I tried!

Standing in 2 states at once-they got a hoot out of that =)
Standing in front of the 'Big Muddy'. I didnt know the Missouri River was the longest river in the US, so that was cool to learn. And see that guy on the right. Yep-marathoner. TOTALLY forgot that Omaha 1/2 and full marathon were taking place that same morning and the route went right under the bridge, so we got to see some finishers coming in-so neat.
ECC Week 12 Day 1-2 Norway (Europe)
We are in Europe! I have always wanted to visit Europe. =)
I have realized going thru this curriculum that there is SO much I didn't know about this great big world of ours. Not only about animals, biomes, zones etc, but the countries! I could probably tell you where about 10 countries were before starting this curriculum, now I know all the countries in North, Central, AND South America (as do my older 3 girls) and we have already learned where 9 countries in Europe are! I feel so well traveled.


Labeling the countries in Europe (we're not learning all of them, I think they only have us learning 22 or so, but we may learn more on our own)....

Putting the flag stickers on the correct countries...

Their illustrated pages that goes along with the Living World Encyclopedia-this time, in color!

I printed out a picture of a moose (since they can be found in Norway!) and the girls colored these while I read 'Kingdom Tales' (so exciting to see the path Hero is taking!)

Day 2- illustrated page that goes with the Living World Encyclopedia....
Art Project this week: Rosemaling

Savannah was going to draw an image and then paint it.....

But then she scratched that idea and painted her whole box white (as did girl #2 and #3). They want to finish them tomorrow (which mean I gotta go thru the whole paint mess AGAIN tomorrow)....

Yep, THIS mess....

For some reason she found this SO funny.

*singing*~~~~ 'One of these things is not like the other'~~~~
She marches to the beat of a different drummer =)
Non-school related:
Runs have been great this week. My run today was for 3 miles but I stretched it out to 3.1 just to see what I might expect for my race on Sunday (Race for the Cure). My Ted E Bear Hallow 5K race was run in 32:19, this morning I ran it in 30:40!!!!!! I am SO excited.
The Race for the Cure is expecting around 20,000 people *gulp* and a good number of those will be walkers and a fair number will probably have strollers. I am hoping I can get up towards the front of the line so I'm not weaving around to get past the walkers and therefore KILLING my time. I have also heard this is a hilly course-major downhill at the beginnning, major downhill at the end, so i'm curious to see what that will do to my time.
Knowing that, I think I am going to shoot for running it in 33:00. My last 5K race was pretty much all flat.
My last run this week was suppose to be Fri or Sat, but I am going to do it on Thursday (5 miles) and then rest on Fri and Sat so I will have nice, fresh legs for the race.
As long as I don't fall on my face, I think I'll be fine! =)


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited for you and your upcoming race! Hope I'll be able to do that one of these days! :D

    I'm LOVING your pictures of your study of Norway this week. And I love the size boxes you got for the art project. I asked my hubby if he could get me a couple of boxes from work that copy paper comes in, but I'd much prefer the sizes you have --less to paint and easier to work with! Where did you get them?

    Have a fun week!!

  2. I am SO nervous for this race! You'll receive a full report on Monday =)
    I got them at a store here called 'Hobby Lobby' that's kind of like a Michael's (do you have those there? Like a craft store), they were only $1.99 each! I wanted something that wouldnt take up so much space.
    I was going to have hubby bring home copy paper boxes too, but that times 4 would have been a little much for me =)
    Can't wait to see what your little artists do!

  3. That is a GREAT price --and yes!! we do have Hobby Lobby here. I'm def. going that route. Think I'll shoot over there today before soccer. I need to get some more paint anyways ;P

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I'm passing on the "One Lovely Blog Award" to you b/c I think everyting about your blog is lovely --You, your precious kiddos, your dedication to the Lord and to your family and your enthusiasm for running :D You are doing such an amazing job, Anna and I know the Lord is so pleased :D You can pick up your award at at my blog. --oh! and be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom ;P

    -Much love to you! Miranda