Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun Day off!

Everyone needs an unexpected day off for a little fun, homeschoolers too! Well a 'sort of' day off, we still did about 15 minutes of school this morning so they weren't off the hook totally!

We had a great day today.

First stop was the library to drop off our 4, 247 books and pick up almost as many. Seriously, is this a homeschooler disease? We can NOT walk out of the library with less than 40 books. And that is not including books for school! We got a great stash of books now for Brazil next week, we cant wait to dig into them!

Next stop was to Culver's for lunch. We almost never EVER go out to eat in a restaurant (now ordering in the drive-thru and bringing it home is a whole 'nother thing-don't want you to get the wrong idea!) So this was a HUGE deal for this little passel of chickies. They were bouncing around in their seats with excitement waiting for the food to show up.

Last stop was to a park we rarely visit but that they frequently talk about. Its about a 15minute drive from home...and we are SURROUNDED by so many great parks so we dont drive often to visit this one.
But they were SO glad we did.
I ran into a friend who I used to go to highschool with and who homeschools her kids (with My Father's World too!! They just finished ECC a couple weeks ago).
So the girls were THRILLED to make a few new chums.

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day!


  1. how fun!!! love days like that. =0)
    I seriously just got finished putting around 2 dozen holds on books at our library for weeks 3-4 and 5-6!! they are gonna LOVE me. =0) if it is a disease, then I caught it. =0)

  2. What a great day. I know what you mean about the library books! I was laughing :) I think that is so neat that you ran into an old friend who also homeschools .... and with MFW! How fun that must have been for you all. :) Hope your weekend is great.

  3. Glad to know others are afflicted with this disease =) Sometimes I max out TWO library cards! =)
    Isabel-I had chatted w/ this gal a few times via FB over the last year but it was neat to see her face to face and get to meet her sweet kiddos. And it will be nice to talk with her about ECC since she just went thru it!
    Have a great weekend ladies!