Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ECC Week 11 Day 1-2 Brazil (South America)

Not much to report, but I didn't want to leave ya'll hanging!
Here is a picture of our book basket books for this week, lots of good reading. We love our library!
We have had a blast delving deeper into South America, and we love reading about Nate Saint. We are on Chapter 12, where they have been making gift drops to the Auca tribe and getting ready to meet with them. One of my girls was heard to say 'That was the best Chapter yet!'
I am thinking of leaving the My Father's World recommendations for language arts...we just really arent feeling the Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons. So we may go back to what we were doing before-Learning Language Arts thru Literature, or just do PLL/ILL 1-2x a week and do LLATL the other days, undecided.

Non-school related:
Went out with my hubby this past Saturday to celebrate our 14 year anniversary, and being the awesome guy he is, it was a day devoted to whatever I wanted to do....so shopping it was! I needed some winter running gear, so we went to a few stores and got me a few t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and running tights-all for great prices. Gotta love a sale! Then we putzed around the mall for awhile and while there, I got a pair of sunglasses that are PERFECT for running and biking in (even if its a cloudy day, I have to wear shades while biking, or I take a bug or three to the eye-not pleasant!), AND the specs were only $5!
After shopping, we ate at Valentino's. I am a BIG buffet lover. Seriously, if you want to be my best bud, just take me out to eat at a buffet restaurant. Or just throw me a donut, I'm good either way.
Afterwards, we saw a movie before heading home to get the kids settled for night time. It was a GREAT day just to spend time with my sweetie without 5 chirping mouths!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie, Anna :) I do love me some buffet style eat'n too! Especially if there's fried chicken, mashed taters and butter beans --yes, I'm from the south. lol

    Brazil has been a blast hasn't it? Going to hate leaving, but Norway sure is looking exciting! Just put our books on hold and that really got me in European mode ;P Don't you love how with MFW, there's never a chance to get bored going from country to country like we do? :D

  2. Thanks Miranda, we had so much fun!

    We have LOVED South America-I seriously think you could take a whole year-just for the Amazon region alone! And I cant believe that the girls know all the countries in North, Central and South America now! I need to pick up my Europe books this weekend-cant wait!!