Thursday, September 2, 2010

ECC Week 8 Days 3 & 4 CANADA

Bonjour! Au revoir! Merci! Comment vas-tu?
All words and phrases we have learned this week while studying Canada.

I have been slacking on the picture taking the last few days but I do have a few to share!

On Tuesday (or maybe it was Wednesday? I dont know...loosing track of days here) we made Igloos out of cotton balls on blue paper. Girls had loads of fun with this and went a bit off track and started making other creations...
Like a 'stand up igloo' as my 9yr old called hers...

Six year old said 'No idea' when I asked what her creation was. Ended up being a cotton 'blob' which she decided to throw away...what a waste... =)

Savannah's finished igloo-not too bad!

I read this book aloud this week whic the girls really enjoyed. Its about a husband and wife team who decided to commit 5 months of their lives following the migration of the caribou to thier calfing grounds. They have to battle fierce weather, steep mountains and even bears! It was quite an exciting book!

The older 2 girls have been reading this aloud to all of us-we really enjoy this book.
We are so excited to start Brazil next week!
Does anyone have any big plans for Labor Day?
We are having family in town and can not WAIT to see them (my brother and his wife), and will probably end up having a picnic lunch over at a local lake like we did last year. Ariel has been praying about this at EVERY meal and bedtime for the last few days =)
My biking has been going well. I have managed to bike almost every night this week- about 6.75 miles a night. The weather has been lovely! However, I do think cyclists should wear a full helmet. I dont know how many bugs I inhaled or how many went STRAIGHT for my eyes. YUCK!
I have been staying up far too last the past few nights and have missed my morning runs =( But I am DEFINITELY going to go out tomorrow morning-its going to be so nice!
We are taking the day off school tomorrow to visit a local park and then go out to lunch somewhere. The girls dont know yet, so no blabbin'!
Have a great weekend!

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