Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cultivate and wait...our little bamboo trees

Last night was wonderful.

It was the first meeting of our school year for the local Christian homeschool group I am a member of. I LOVE this group and am always encouraged by the other moms.

Last night, one of our veteran moms gave a devotion that really spoke to me (as they usually do) and reminded me of something I had read a few years ago.

I remember reading about the Chinese Bamboo Tree and the fact that after you plant the seed, you see NOTHING for 4 years. FOUR YEARS.

But then.

The FIFTH year, it not only sprouts, but grows at a crazy fast rate. Eighty to Ninety feet in that one growing season! 80-90 FEET!!

Though it looks as though nothing is happening that first 4 years, the bamboo tree is developing a tough and strong root system that will allow it to grow at such rapid rates once it 'matures'.

It really resonated with me when I think about what we put into our children. How we cultivate these little seeds hoping and praying for maturation. WANTING to see the fruit of our labor. PRAYING that they practice what we preach.
But many times, we are disappointed.

What we may not realize is that those seeds we are planting are taking root. Deep in their heart. Where we can not see. And we don't know what progress is being made. Only God knows. Only He sees. But, if we 'keep on keeping on', I believe that when those seeds mature and as our children grow and age, we will be pleasantly surprised at the growth we will see.

So cultivate, and wait and you WILL see the fruit of your labor.

If we labor for the Lord, we do not labor in vain....


  1. Wow...Awesome post, Anna. I so needed this encouraging word today. What a morsel to chew on :)

  2. So very true! Thank you for this timely reminder. Love it!