Friday, September 10, 2010

ECC Week 9 Days 2-5 Brazil (South America)

Well we did it. We squished 5 days of school into 4, and we're no worse for the wear!

What a fun week this has been!
In Science this week, we learned about the Tropical Rainforests. For an experiment, we planted bird seed in 2 cups-one is covered one is not. And we'll see which sprouts first. The girls all predicted the one with NO cover would sprout first as the other isnt getting any air.
We started these on Wednesday. So far, no change, except that the one with the cover is getting a wee bit of fuzzy stuff growing on the soil.
We are also reading Nate Saint this week and are really enjoying it. The girls colored a picture of a Toucan while I read.

For art, we made Carnival costumes. Instead of using pillowcases, we took a big piece of paper, folded it in 1/2 and cut out a moon shape. Then they decorated with paints, markers, punches, pom poms, and sequins. Oh, and crayons. The table was CRAZY messy for a while there!

For our Vocab cards this week, we learned about the Zones (Polar, Temperate, Tropical). The girls think it funny that when its the dead of winter here, they are wearing shorts and tshirts down in South America!

On Thursday or Friday of every week, the girls do a 'pretty verse'. They write out the memory verse for the week and then decorate and we hang it up.

We have enjoyed this book alot!

You HAVE to click this picture to enlarge it. That baby sloth looks like he is smiling and is so enjoying being wif his momma =)

This weekend we plan to do the terrarium which was scheduled this week.
Tomorrow is my oldest daughter's 10th birthday. TEN! It's crazy to think, but I got married at 18. And she will be 18 in only EIGHT years now!! Of course, according to her daddy, she ain't NEVER gonna get married! =)
And then on Sunday is my hubby and I's 14 year anniversary. He's like fine wine, he just gets better and better as he ages. =) I am one lucky woman to be married to such a GREAT guy =)


  1. Cutie Carnival costumes! What a great idea using paper instead too. We're planning on doing this on wk 11 and I think we'll go that route too. What size paper did you use?

    How are your little seedlings doing so far?

  2. I really like reading your blog and looking ahead to what we will be doing. We use MFW/ECC and are on week 7 right now. I am passing on the "One Lovely Blog Award" to you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you Pam!! I have never received a bloggy award before! I feel so special! =) thanks for reading!

  4. Miranda-I think our paper size was about 2'x 1'...I got a bunch a paper from a lady on craigslist and this was part of it.