Friday, September 24, 2010

ECC Week 11 Day 5 End of Brazil

Ok, Blogger is acting goofy and not letting me add the first few pictures of this set. You're not missing much, just pictures of some polenta simmering away and the girls peeling oranges. Picturing it in your head? Ok, were good then =)

This was called 'Orange Salad'. It was orange slices with salt and sugar sprinkled on them. It called for pepper too, but that was a little too out there for me. They were funny tasting to say the least...

Heres the table! The 2 pots in the middle hold Feijoada (Meat Stew) which apparently is a very common dish down there. The pot next to it is Peppered Rice, but I left out the chili pepper, it was actually a little bland for our taste. Flanking the pots is fried polenta on the left (some ate it w/ honey on it, some had it with just a little salt). The two plates at the top hold sliced avacado (which grows in the rainforest) and next to that is Corn Cake (which didnt cook all the way thru so I had to scrape out the good parts, they all loved it though! )
The bottom 2 plates are brownies (they DO have cocoa bean trees down there, so I had to represent that somehow!) and then the white things are Cocadas which is basically just sugar, water and shredded coconut. I do NOT like shredded coconut so I didnt even try these. The girls didnt seem to care for them very much either.
Recipes came from HERE and HERE.

Here are a few of the books they read this last week and some pictures they colored

These were their vocab cards for this week: Swamp and Marsh.
After we cleaned up after lunch (I think I did 3 loads of dishes!!), we went for a walk over to the pond. We got to feed the 8 geese who were loitering around. We ACTUALLY took bread over there to see if we could feed the fish (sometimes they are near the surface and will eat, othertimes not), and saw these geese. I was a little leary so we started to throw bread in the water about 30 feet away from them (they were on land, not in the water) and they immediately started heading towards us. So I had the girls stay behind me while we fed them just incase one of them decided to go bully on us.
One goose keeping nipping the behind of another when he would try to get a piece of bread-poor thing! So I was sure to throw THAT goose (the poor outcast) the bigger and best pieces. I LOATHE bullies.
See you all in Europe next week!


  1. Yay! Love seeing the MFW previews. The foods from other countries is so fun to do. We are on our 1st week of mexico here.

  2. Yummo!! What a spread, Anna! All of your Brazilian food looks beautiful! We're letting the chocolate for our "Brigaderiros" (a chocolate treat) cool off as I type so we can roll them in sprinkles in just a moment. I keep wanting to lick the spoon but I can't! lol

  3. How awesome! I have several picky eaters, not too sure how well the international dinners are going to go at my house! Oh well, I'll stock up on frozen pizza, just in case!

  4. thanks ladies.
    Miranda-your chocolate treats looked SO yummy!!
    Ma'Nacci-we have really picky eaters here too. I just give the leftovers to my dad to take home for he and my mom or I give it to my neighbors. I only ask my girls that they each try at least a bite of everything