Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ECC Week 10 Days 1-3 BRAZIL and a little 'bout runnin

Well, we had a fantastic weekend. We celebrated 10 years of motherhood for me and 10 years of life for Savannah! I still cant believe that I have been a mom for 10 years and have 5 wonderful children. Anyway. Savannah choose this year to have a store bought cake but she wanted to decorate it herself. With Littlest Pet Shop animals. Fine by me! Saved us a pretty penny. She picked the cake out herself and bless her money-savin' heart it was only $8.99!
Jaidyn cant have the cake when we get store-bought, so I always make her a crockpot hot fudge sundae cake which is DIVINE. It makes its own hot fudge sauce as it cooks. Yep. Its as yummy as it sounds. If you want the recipe, it'll cost ya $1,000....... =)

SCHOOL: ECC Week 10 Day 1-3 Brazil
We have had so much fun learning about South America and the Amazon Rainforest. SO much to learn!!
We made a rainforest picture today showing all the layers of the rainforest. Each girl got to draw and color a 'layer' of the forest from emergent, all the way down to the herb/floor layer.

Here is our finished product. For today. You can click on it to enlarge. We plan to add more animals into the various layers over the next week.

Well, here is our Science experiment one week out. And it did the opposite of what it was suppose to do! Partly my fault though. We were suppose to set the cups in a warm place but there is NO warm place in our house and I didnt even think to set them outside during the day. DOH! Anyway, I explained to the girls what was SUPPOSE to happen and why, to which the older 2 both said 'yeah, we already knew that ma'....GRRR! Why bother!!?? I guess I should just be thankful that I have some smart little cookies on my hands =)

I plan to watch this tonight and if its acceptable, the girls will watch it tomorrow. I have watched Jeff Corwin before but I cant remember if I felt he was appropriate for the girls to watch....anyone?
Running has been going great. I am on week 3, day 3 of my training plan (Hal Higdon's 15K plan which you can see HERE
I actually had my best run yet-time wise. A 2 mile run in 19:20! I usually run a mile in 10:45-11:00 minutes so this was really good for me. I have been biking 1-2 days a week for 5-10miles and am doing the elliptical 1-2x a week as well.
I am hoping, if I can continue to train this winter, that I will be able to run a 1/2 marathon next fall. But even if I cant, I am LOVING what running is doing for me. Love the new found energy, confidence, fat loss etc... And I love seeing the muscles developing in my if I could just find a way to channel the fat out of my tummy I would be one happy momma!
Oh well, it'll be a good insulator this winter, right?


  1. Anna, I really enjoy your blog! It's great to see what lies ahead.
    Happy birthday to you and Savannah! Cute cake!
    You mentioned your having a problem getting rid of your belly fat, I have had this problem for years, no matter how much I lose. I can tell you from experience it may be excess yeast. I have only had 1 yeast infection my whole life, so just because you have excess yeast does not nessessarily mean you'll suffer from infection. But the yeast "belly" is why people who drink a lot of beer have a "beer belly."
    Causes from excess yeast are usually from sugar and carbs. I have FINALLY gotten rid of my belly by simply eating 1-2 TBSP of Coconut oil daily. I also lost 30 lbs in 5 mo. as coconut oil restores your metabolism to a more fat burning rate. You can contact me for more info on this, or simply google "benefits of coconut oil"

  2. wow, really?? Funnily enough, I lost ALL my belly fat when #4 was a baby (she's 5 now). She had a TON of allergies so I went on a VERY strict diet of about 6 foods for about 4mo and went from 120lbs down to 95. I felt GREAT that whole time though, tons of energy. And my belly was FLAT! No fat! I was able to wear a size 0!!! However, I am a HUGE food lover-like BIIIIGGGG time, so I cant see myself going back to that VERY bland diet just to lose my tummy =)
    However, we do have unrefined virgin coconut oil, so I may have to try that-it has so many uses! Its funny you mentioned yeast as I had wondered if that was part of my problem (I too have only ever had 1 yeast infection my whole life)...did you have to cut out all sugars, or did you only add in coconut oil? I dont really have to lose weight right now (5'2 and 110lbs) but I have a bit of a pooch that makes me feel 'GRRRR' everytime I see it =)

  3. Anna- how interesting, you and I seem to have a lot in common! I did cut out sugar for the first month, because as I recall, my baby and I were battling thrush (forgot about that) and I was trying to rid of it naturally (success!)Trust me, I was not fanatic about it, oh how we LOVE our pizza and ice-cream!!
    After I was rid of the thrush, I went back to my usuall diet, I guess. Just maybe not AS MUCH ice-cream. I just consume the c.o. in the morning and then again in the afternoon DAILY. It has been so amazing! Even helped with my asthma. It will help your tummy, and if you don't need to lose, you'll be fine. It will attack that yeast, though!

  4. So how much in the morning and how much in the afternoon?

  5. I took 1 TBSP in the morning, and usually forgot to take it in the afternoon, but same amount.

  6. Hasn't Brazil been fun! I'm so glad there are 3 weeks scheduled in Brazil b/c you're right --there's SO MUCH to learn.

    Happy Birthday to Savannah!!! That cake sure does look yummy --and so cute!

    Btw, I started walking on Monday and am determined to keep it up. I still need to sit down and thoroughly read the articles you sent me to get on more of a structured plan. I also cut out all sugar and carbs for a while --which is why I'm S-A-L-I-V-A-T-I-N-G over Savannah's B'day cake right now! lol