Thursday, October 21, 2010

Homeschool Park Day

We had a park day today with some moms from one of our local homeschool groups. It was in an area of town I rarely go to, so I was unfamiliar with it, but we really liked it. Not too much playground equipment, but right behind me, as I am taking this photo is a LARGE grassy area (bigger than the inside of a football field) witha nice 10' wide sidewalk all the way around it!!
I figure maybe sometime I can take the girls to play there with my dad (who is retired and is a good watchdog for us) and I can do my runs while the girls play!
It was a beautiful day out, so I had no guilt what so ever about playing hooky from homeschool.
Well, I guess it doesn't really count as hooky when we did the MFW portion of school yesterday with Wednesdays work and will do the 3R's stuff tomorrow =)
Tomorrow is our last day in France!
We went shopping today for some food with which to celebrate. To be quite honest, I had a hard time finding anything I wanted to make. Either there was too much dairy (we have intolerance in our family) or WAY too many ingredients. So I went easy and cheap!
I bought a can each of French Onion Soup and Potato Soup so the girls could try them....French bread (because what's a study of France without some French Bread?)....strawberries to fill the crepes we will hopefully make tomorrow....and we also bought apples. I was going to make an apple tart, but decided to change things and make an Apple Cake-we LOVE apple cake. Oh and I bought some Brie. Apparently, Walmart doesnt carry guyere cheese. Or I just wasn't looking in the right place-quite possible actually.

On a side note, I will be running my next race on Halloween....with my hubby!!
I have wanted him to run a race with me for a long time now (well, I HAVE only been running since July so I guess 'long time' is relative) IS an afternoon race so I am a bit concerned about that-all my runs and races have been in the morning thus far...AND its my longest distance yet- a 15K (9.3 miles)! So please pray that I will be able to run it strong and steady.

As long as I dont puke at the end, I'll count it a victory. Actually, in the runner's world, if you DO puke, THAT'S when you count it as a victory. =)


  1. How fun, Anna! Gotta love, love, love those guilt-free play days w/ like-minded homeschoolers. Hey, if you can get access to raw milk- that's right, straight from the cow, you may find milk intolerances a thing of the past!
    My family have benefitted from it for 3 years. I was even getting it for a friend lactose intolerant, and he had no problems with it. here is a link to find it in your area.
    just look for the "where" link.

  2. I HAVE heard that before but we've never tried it...were actually not big milk drinkers-but we are cheese lovers =) I have a few friends who get their raw milk from a local farmer...I'll keep this in mind!

  3. You can also get "raw" cheese, made with raw milk, and that is good for lactose intolerant people as well. Pasteurization takes an important enzyme out that is neccessary in digesting the lactose. That is why people have problems.