Friday, October 22, 2010

Au revoir, France! ECC week 15 France (Europe)

Book basket books for week 2 in France:
Took a walk last weekend. Loving the fall colors...
*click any picture to enlarge*

She was hoping a leaf would fall down right into her waiting hand =)

Classification activity: hard to do with all the different objects they brought to the table, but we managed!

We only have on more country to learn for our geography game!
Working on making the Eiffel tower. What a challenge!

They got this far and called it good =) Savannah made the background for it. Not exactly geographically correct, but it'll do =)

I didnt realize, until I looked up french recipes, how complicated alot of them are! I was unaware of the fact that some of the ingredient lists would be longer that my week long grocery shopping receipt. Ok, maybe I am exaggerting a TAD, but wow. I am a 5 ingredients or less kind of gal. Ordering out is even better. =)
But I got a little bit of my Paula Dean mojo going by turning this....
into this!
And this.......
Into this! (baked brie)

The table: We had: casse-croute (basically grilled cheese), baked brie in a pastry crust with honey, apple cake (suppose to be apple tarts but we cheated and made apple cake), strawberries for the crepes, french onion and potato soup (both from cans, cuz I can!), french bread, croissants and crepes.
No one liked the french onion soup, the older 2 liked the potato soup, everyone liked the croissants and french bread, the older 3 liked the casse-croute, everyone (including me) LOOOOOVED the crepes w/ fresh strawberries in them and powered sugar on No one really cared for the brie and crackers or the baked brie. I thought it was quite tasty!
Happy girls awaiting their feast!

Tornado boy had set up an audience to watch his 2 trains go 'round and 'round the checker board....
I come back 10min later to to a sold out crowd =)

See you next week in Germany!


  1. How cute! Tornado boy with his audience, that's funny!

  2. Your kiddos are so cute, Anna ;P I LOVE their Eiffel Tower! And the French food looks so yummy and PRETTY :D

  3. Thanks guys. I love that we are finding at least 1 new food they like w/ each country we study!