Saturday, September 8, 2012

1 yr anniversary!! Of not blogging.

Hello friends! Cant believe its been a whole year since I've blogged!
What to do when you've taken such a break....catch up! The next 2-11 posts will be catching up from beginning of the year til now (got a new computer at the beginning of the year so I only have pics on there from this year =)
^Early this year we decided to do some room swapping. We moved around 3 rooms: our dining/school room, our living room (which was really a computer room) and our 'fireplace room' (which is what our kiddos have called it since we moved in even though we no longer have a FP in there)  =)  The dining/school room became a library (see below)

 the living room became an ACTUAL living room (see below)

and the 'fireplace room' became our school room! (see pictures below)

^view as you walk in the room

^view of the far wall

^ view of computer wall

ANYWAY, so back to that original picture. That is our shelf of 'learning' books. I had them all categorized according to different subjects (science/nature, animals, history/geography etc). However whenever the girls took books out, they couldnt remember where they went, so they either left them out (and guess who had to reshelf them?), or they would put them back in ALL the wrong spots which drove me BATTY, so we decided to color code the books.

^ This little sign comes in handy so they can find what they are looking for, or to know what color sticker will go on a newly purchased book. However, after almost 6mo of use, some of the stickers are starting to fall off, so we may need to make more or use a better sticker. For these we went el-cheapo and just colored on address labels and cut them into strips! Ya know, the whole 'where there's a will there's a way'  =)

The month of February was also my 2nd daugther's 10th birthday, where does the time go?!

^Shes the one in the top right with the blue shirt.

She wanted snow for her birthday and she got it!

Valentine's Day was also fun with gifts from one of the moms whose baby I watch

Such happy faces!

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