Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August 2012

August was slightly less busy than July...we started school back up full force (we go light in the summer), but we still made sure to make time for fun!

We were out on a hot day and momma decided we should wash the van, a.k.a. hose it off and wipe it down =)  Wish I would have gotten pictures of that-it was quite sweet watching them reach up as HIGH as they could to wipe the water off =)
After we did that, they decided to wash their bikes as well.  The Boy spent about 3.8 seconds washing his Thomas trike and decided he had enough of this 'work' and returned to his normally scheduled programming of being crazysauce.

My sister in law came to visit in August as well and we enjoyed a walk on the trails behind our house with her, my neice and my parents.  I must note that 75% of the pictures on the past few blog posts are courtesy of my 10 yr old daughter who has kindly stepped into the position of family photographer. She actually does a really good job and I love looking at her pictures and seeing the world as she does =)

We also got to watch our neighbors give their chinchilla an ash bath. The girls just LOVED it. This chinchilla was the softest thing I have ever touched. We loved him.
We went skating with some friends of ours who only come in town a couple times a year from KS. There dad and my hubs have been buddies since grade school. They have 3 kiddos who are all almost the same age as 3 of my kiddos. We love them
*I realized 2 are missing here...the Boy was with daddy at work, and my friends boy, who is 8 didnt really care to be in the picture with a bunch 'o chicadees.  =)
This is the hubs buddy, Josh, and my little Josh
Oh yeah, and sometimes we did school.....  =)
Ariel made Josh a 'train house'. He loved it and would have them 'knock' and then he would invite them in. They even played tag and hide and seek in this house. Yeah. Picture that.

Being smothered with love....

Went to Pepperwood Park again in August. Boy was it hot. Thankfully this park has a lot of shade all morning....
Here I am, with 1/2 of 3/5 of my children....?

Trying to locate her inner monkey...


I'm thinking there might be a monkey gene in our bloodline somewhere...

The 'tree with a knee'!

Well, that was August in pictures!

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