Thursday, September 13, 2012

June 2012

June was a month of parks and fun!


^Craft Day at a friends house. We made gifts for Father's Day. She supplied the paint and we supplied something to paint ON!  The bottom picture is the finished project-paper weights for daddy's office!  The girls all did the circle shaped ones and the Boy did the square. I think he used a whole tube of blue paint. When he does something he goes the full 9 yards, people!  *please ignore the date stamp. It said that for about 3 months. Apparently, January 2008 was a good month/year for this camera and it NEVER. WANTS. TO LEAVE.

^Elmwood park downtown. It was our first time at this park, and we really enjoyed it. Apparently so does 9/10 of our city. Sheesh.

^Ralston Park. Another favorite. This playground's equipment is alot bigger (states on the equipment that its for ages 5 and up. Dont tell my 4yr old that).  It also stays pretty much fully shaded til noon or later which is a big plus for kiddos who are apparently made out of ice cream and will fully MELT in the sun.

^This is what my budding entomologist does at pretty much every park we visit. Find a buddy who wants to go bug hunting with her!

^Spiderweb park. Ok, that's not its REAL name but that's what my kiddos call it. We discovered this park this summer and its a new favorite of ours.

^Stinson park. The downside to this park, as you can see...NO shade. So here in Nebraska, that means if you want to go in the summer, you go EARLY, or you go LATE. Otherwise, ya melt.  That tower in the background boasts big shooting fountains of water. The kiddos loved that. My van seats? Not so much.  This park is neat, in that right in front of the swing set (you can kind of see it in this picture) is a HUGE grassy area around which is a big walking track.  Fun times for my bug huntin' and run-around-like-crazy people, children =)

^Another shot of our neighborhood park with some homeschool buddies and my neighbor's boy (you can see him peeking his head out between my 2 older girls at the top!)

Wow, looking back at these you would think my kiddos only owned a handful of shirts between them! I PROMISE they have more clothes!!

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