Tuesday, September 11, 2012

April/May 2012

April and May...love these months. Spring is in full swing and the whole summer is before us! We took lots of walks, caught lots of butterflies,went to the zoo, *I* ran a 1/2 marathon (!!!) and a 5 mile race,  family came to visit and we went on a fun homeschool field trip!

^My crazy kiddos and our neighbor's boy on a walk.

^Hubs and Skylar made a 'butterfly nectar' and went out to catch butterflies. You cant see it very well but he has a Painted Lady butterfly on his plate. She was THRILLED.

^Tootin' my own horn here. That's from my 1/2 marathon. Sub 2 hours!!!

^Ran the BoysTown Memorial Day run (that's my sweet little fam behind me, minus the photographer)  =) You can see that full race report on my fitness blog http://fitgirlwannabe.blogspot.com/

^My bro, his wife and his sweet little girl came to visit in May. They live a few hours away and we dont see them NEARLY enough. If they had a motorhome I would have invited them to take up residence in my driveway as well. I might need to start thinking about a bigger driveway...

^Took a trip to the local P.O. I think there might have been 20 kids in that mail truck!

^They bought stamps and sent some letters to family.

^At the end of May the older 2 girls got to ride thier bikes to the OTHER park in our neighborhood

^They rode around the park, too!

We love this park too but not as much as the one at the other end of our neighborhood. THIS one is pretty always in full sun where as the other one is shady until noon!

That's a light recap of April/May 2012!

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