Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beautiful Beautiful Morning

Wow, what a difference between this morning and yesterday! At one point, the temp was 90 degrees but the heat index was 108! Yikes! Thankfully it rained (rained might be the wrong word, more like a torrential downpour) yesterday evening and that drenched the humidity right out of the sky.
I got up at 6 this morning for my run which was 30min earlier than I USUALLY get up for my runs and it was SOOO nice. I think I am going to try to get up that early as a rule to get out and run. Did 4.79 this morning and was able to time my 5K finally which was 33:07. Not bad for a newbie but I'm not going to be winning at 5K's anytime soon.

Today was Week 2, Day 4. BUT before we started school, we loaded up and went to our favorite annual church garage sale. I had restraint this year and didnt buy every thing that remotely interested me, but I DID find these National Geographic magazines for $1 (12 issues) which will come in handy thru out the school year.

Today in Science we learning about oxygen and water cycles which for some reason really confused my 8yr old (I think it was the wording in the book), so we did this science experiment....
Potting soil, then grass clumps planted in them. Lightly water, and seal. Put in a warm place and then watch nature work!

Now given that our house is normally kept just a tad bit above 'freeze-your-buns-off' degrees, I knew I would be hard pressed to find a suitable location indoors to make this project work, so we decided to set it out on the deck to see if it would REALLY show us the whole water cycle....time will tell

Learning about directions. So we drew our neighborhood (sort of) on a piece of poster board and got one of Josh's cars. I told the girls where I wanted to go and they had to tell me which directions to turn (N,S,E,W) down what streets to get there.
I cant believe tomorrow will be our last day in this 'introduction' phase and then we get to move onto more fun stuff!

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  1. Wow! What a find w/ those Nat. Geo.'s for only a $!! Those are gonna come in handy. Looks like y'all had a fun day!