Friday, July 9, 2010

ECC Wk 1 Day 5 (and a lil of Day 4)

Geography cards for our Geography Boxes. The older 2 did 2 cards each, and Skylar just did one. I drew the picture of the continental shelf for them....

Suppose to look like the picture below....meh....good enough =)

Below is us gathering dirt for our worm niches. I went a little loco in el heado and decided to have each girl make one, had NO idea how hard it would be to fine a sufficient amount of worms for each jar...

Doing the sand layer....

The finished niches

All covered up to simulate the darkness they are used to in the ground...

I took this one out of the 'covering' after it had been on for a few minutes. If you click on it to enlarge, you will see a worm trying to escape. Good luck, little buddy.


  1. Hey, GREAT earthworm habitats!! We finally got our worms at Wal-mart today in the Sport and Recreation center. I NEVER would have imagined I could buy worms at Wal-mart!lol

  2. I had heard about Wal-mart so I figured if I couldnt find any in our garden, we could get them there, but thankfully I did! did you post pics of your habitats?

  3. worms look good!

  4. thanks Crystal. We had a lot of fun!! I am suprised you dong blog! You would have like a million MFW followers!! =)

  5. Cool! We start ECC on August 2, and this gives me a little glimpse of what part of our first week will look like. Glad I connected with you!


  6. Your blog looks great Tina! Can't wait to see how your ECC year goes =)

  7. We're starting ECC the first week of August also. I love seeing the pictures and reading about your ECC days. I'll have to remember to just do one jar and not one for each girl. Good tip! I look forward to following your year. :)