Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wk 1 Day 3 and 4

Ok, so we were SUPPOSE to go on the nature walk yesterday, but torrential rainfalls made that 'bout impossible. The girls still wanted to go but were trying to figure out how they were going to draw pictures and hold their umbrellas at the same we decided to go today. SO glad we did as yesterday's humidity was about 297% where as today was BEAUTIFUL. The above is us walking on the trail trying to decide on a location to plop ourselves down so they could draw a pictures for thier nature journal.

They decided (with some encouragement from mommy) that the pond at the park would be perfect, so they hunkered down and got to work on their masterpieces.

Below is the finished project! Ariel is going to finish hers up later today and Jaidyn decided that drawing was for the birds, so she was going to chase butterflies instead (her efforts were fruitless).

Afterwards we walked down to the pond so they could feed the fishes. On the other hand, apparently *I* went down their so the mosquitos could feed on me. *itchy*

All in all, we had a LOT of fun and we are all looking forward to doing it again next week. Though I would prefer to head to a place that segregates mosquitos.
The next pictures are from yesterday. The girls studied a place in our backyard and wrote down what they say in a particular area (bugs, plants, twigs etc) and wrote down sounds, weather conditions etc. I find it funny, that below, Ariel wrote down that it was cloudy (which it was) and cool (which it was NOT). This was before it rained yesterday when the humidity made you feel like a ball of slime the minute you step outside. Gotta love her positive outlook.


  1. So glad the weather cooperated for you today - looks like they had a great time!

  2. How CUTE!!! They all look so focused on making their masterpieces ;-P We were "supposed" to do our nature walks yesterday too, but both of my kiddos couldn't stop complaining that they would rather ride their bikes instead of walk. --not very easy drawing and bike riding at the same time!lol After the endless whining about it, I finally threw my hands in the air and ditched the nature walk. I think we'll try the local park today, like you did.. Here's to hoping and praying for no more whining! lol

  3. The weather was AWESOME today!
    We are getting ready to go for our after lunch walk and to collect some sand to use for our earthworm niche (putting soil, sand, oats and earthworms in a jar and then covering w/ black construction paper). The girls are SO excited =)
    Randiepandie-you could just have them do the nature journal drawings from things in your yard, then you dont have to go anywhere! =)