Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Running, Dinner and ECC Week 3 Day 3

Wednesdays are a busy day for us here. Its what we like to call our 'chores-til-you-drop' day. I don't know how Wednesday became so bogged down with work, but it has, so we delegate and get it done.
Running: After my shin splint incident on Monday, I decided to start off REALLY slow and easy today. My right shin in particular was feeling a little testy but after about 1.5miles, she seemed to ease up. I went for 3.61 total today and did some more fartleks which really made me feel like a super hero. I could almost hear the Eye of the Tiger song playing SOMEWHERE just for me...

Anyway, in addition to being nosy about what other people read, I also like to know what they eat. So I decided to post some of what we had for dinner last night.
The girls had Potato Chip Chicken. They all like it, and no one is allergic to it and its SUPER easy.
I had purchased 2 packs of boneless skinless chicken breasts. One was used for the potato chip chicken and the other I was going to use to make teriyaki chicken for hubby and I's supper later that night (he had to work late). BUT I remembered that I had a bag of frozen Asian Stir Fry in the freezer (just a mix of frozen veggies that, when they are together, morph in Asian ethnicity)...ANYWAY, I took some of the chicken I had diced up to be used later and fried it in the pan with some oil. Then I took it out after it was cooked thru and put in the veggie mix with some teriyaki sauce. Cooked that thru (7-8min), add the chicken back in, a little more teriyaki sauce and cook an additional 5-7 minutes.
Served over rice, it was SOOOO yummy and I felt a little bit of my healthy ninja coming out.
Oh, and dont hate on the plates. They're a throwback to my childhood. I am SURE they will make a come back some day like the My Little Ponies and Strawberry Shortcakes if ONLY they would bring Popples back....

ECC Week 3 Day 3
Skylar, age 6.5, has really been enjoying the Complete book of Animals. Today, we learned about Beavers.
Savannah refreshed her States knowledge by playing this great game at GREAT site with lots of free stuff.

This was our 2nd day to read Hero Tales and we are reading about Dwight Moody. The girls are really enjoying this book.

The older 2 also had to copy the character trait at the end of todays reading and will continue to do so on this same piece of paper for the rest of the book, whenever they appear.

Used this map to review where the states are (for the older 2) and learn where some states are (for the younger 2).

Savannah decided to help Jaidyn out with her phonics today. She helped her with this lesson review and then when they were done, Jaidyn read it to me, they were both quite proud.

We didnt finish our Coup Sticks today. JUST as I was going to go out and fetch some twigs it started to POUR and I'm talking DRENCHED within 2 seconds of going outside kind of rain. But it only lasted about 10min. Anyway, the sticks were super wet so I think we may finish it tomorrow or just be safe and use popsicle sticks or something. My 8yr old is dealing with some WEIRD contact dermatitis on her hands right now. Its like little bitty baby blisters ALL over her fingers, part of the back of her hands and all over her palms. Thankfully, and oddly, they are not itchy or sore....this started LAST Wednesday and we think it may have been from some roses that a friend gave us, so I am leary to bring any more variables into the house right now (especially something she will be touching), until it heals up. So this project will have to be in 'to be continued' status for a bit....


  1. Ha! I forgot all about Popples! Wow...we had some really corny toys back in the day!

    And YUMMO!! You need to stop posting all these food pics if you want folks to start running, getting in shape and learning words like, "fartlek" and snotrocket". I mean after seeing your magic shell ice cream pic I had to settle that craving fast --now I want me some Potato Chip Chicken! lol

    Can't wait to start reading from Hero Tales. It looks like it's going to be really good.

  2. Yes, I was obsessed with many of the toys from the 80s, not to mention the bands/singers...Tiffany, Bon Jovi and oh my did I LOVE me some New Kids on the Block! =)
    As far as the food, what can I say. I'm an enabler.