Monday, July 12, 2010

Running, book baskets and worms...oh my.

As some of you may know, I have begun running this year. Don't laugh. Ok, laugh a little, its good for your health. =) I have only begun to take it seriously the last 2 weeks. At my longest, I have run 5.73miles (last weekend). I also timed my mile this morning (with my groovy, oh so hip $9.99 watch from Target). And it was 11min, which I THINK is slightly faster than a turtle with a cat on its back, but hey, I'm new at this, cut me some slack!
However, from reading opinions on running forums where the crazy, er, I mean educated runners are, I have learned that maybe I am doing too much too soon. While I feel I can maintain what I am doing, I thought I should take it down a notch and find an actual running program to stick to (instead of doing this willy nilly which I am genetically inclinded to do).
I think I did that with Hal Higdon's site and am going to be using his 10K 8wk program (slightly modified as I think it doesnt involve as much running as I want to do and I am upping the mileage per run a bit), but at least it gives me a program to follow which I need. Otherwise I'll end up running like 12miles this weekend, getting injured and turning in my shoes for another year.
It could happen, people. I'm impulsive like that.

Anywhere, where was I? Oh yes, point 2: our book basket.
We are doing My Father's World 'ECC' curriculum this year. We are on week 2 and we are LOVING it. One of my favorite parts is the book basket. MFW gives recommendations in their teachers manual on books to check out for each 'unit' of study. The pictures below are just some of the books for weeks 1 and 2 of this program. Some are from the library, some we already owned. Great stuff.

Worms: the worms homes are doing AWESOME. I should post a picture but I am afraid the flash from the camera might give the little fellas a heart worms have hearts? to research........
WOW! Apparently, they have FIVE hearts! I better take it easy on the little guys, thats 5 times the chance for heart failure....poor things...
anyway, we went out yesterday and dug at the garden a little more (ok, *I* dug and the girls 'collected', I am NOT touching those slimy things-dont tell them I said that-the worms that is, wouldnt want to get them all riled up), just to see if we could add to our piddly little worm population and we hit the mother-load! I bet I found close to 40 worms, so we lugged the jars BACK outside and piled 'em full of worms.
The girls have had a blast watching the tunnels they are making in the jar, we got to watch one zip thru the soil at the bottom of the jar today when I scootched it across the table, I think I scared it.
Didnt know you could scare a worm.
Ya learn something new every day. God Bless you, My Father's World.


  1. That's so neat -5 hearts! I'm going to tell my kiddos that little tid-bit. And, it's prob. for the best that you didn't post pics of them on this beautiful blog. They're OH SO un-photogenic! lol

  2. I am going to be checking back here. We will be doing this too, but starting during the school year.

  3. Randiepandie-I agree!
    Martha-please do!

  4. Hey Anna! Just wondering how this day was for you guys. It was, hands down -the HARDEST for us. I don't even feel like blogging about it! lol I'm ready to be done w/ wks 1 and 2! I made the mistake of letting my youngest do the labling and coloring of the land regions w/ big bro. today....not a good idea...

  5. I just blogged about it. That biomes thing had us thrown for a loop! I almost threw in the towel and made a copy of the biomes picture in the ecosystems book *almost*, so glad its over! =)