Wednesday, July 14, 2010

School and Slimeville

Holy Humidity, batman! I knew it was a bad sign when I open my front door and the storm door is so covered with condensation that I cant even see my front yard. But being the 'hard core' girl I am, I decided I could tough it out and went for my run anyway. The slimey-ness in the air only added to the oh so enjoyable experience *insert sarcasm* I am sure the motorists got quite a kick out of the gal running at about .03 miles an hour. Lesson learned.


Nothing spectacular today, just a few pictures of our schooling this morning.

Skylar doing her PLL dictation on the white board

Ariel practicing her cursive
Jaidyn practicing her letters

Josh sportin' some bed head and Thomas jammies.

We were suppose to go on a nature walk today, but I knew there was no WAY my little flowers would last more than 3 minutes out there without wilting beyond repair, so we may try for it tomorrow. For now, I am going to go sprawl out on my cool wood floor.
As for tomorrow, I'll take an order of 75 degrees with a side of breeze.
Hold the slime.


  1. LOL! So funny! Girl, I know all about the slime. I live in South Alabama (aka -Slimeville, USA)

    Precious pics of your babies. Your bed-head baby has that "I know exactly how to get you to say, 'yes' to anything I want" look ;-P

  2. Ha! I don't do sweat that well either and I workout indoors! I think we will start our nature notebooks in October since it stays hot in Georgia until then.

  3. RandiePandie-I cant imagine what it must feel like down there! I think I would become albino in the summer since I would NEVER leave the house and always have the shades pulled. Heat and I DO not a party make. Yes Josh has a way of weaseling things out me... =)
    It was SWELTERING yesterday Melanie, a kid at a local waterpark actually passed out!
    I think what we need to do is do the nature notebooks FIRST thing after brekky when its still a bit cool out. We'll see how that works tomorrow (havent done it yet for this week)